Modern African art: a basic reading list. Compiled by Janet L. Stanley, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.
World bibliographical series: [Africa]. Santa Barbara, Calif.; Oxford: ABC-Clio, 1979-. v.3-. (In Progress).
"A monographic series that, for many African countries, is one of the best places for nonspecialists to begin research. A few early volumes were more comprehensive and intended for scholars, but since 1981, the series has been oriented toward English-speaking general readers. Volumes follow a standardized format, beginning with a historically-based overview essay, followed by topical sections containing annotated citations. Recent monographic publications are favored over older, briefer works. Volumes end with a dictionary index, an outline map, and sometimes a chronology." (Guide to Reference Books, 11th Edition, no. DD18)
Note: For titles in this series please search for individual country in online catalog, e.g., (k=world bibliographical series and ghana)

African history from oral sources. Under the direction of Claude Helene Perrot ... [et al.]. Paris: Minist ere de la cooperation et du developpement: La Documentation franchise, c 1993.
SML Z3508 H5 P37 1993 (LC)
Asamani, J. O. Index Africanus. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution Pr., [1975].
SML Reference Z3501 +A73 (LC)
"A catalogue of articles in Western languages dealing with Africa and published from 1885- 1965 in periodicals, Festschriften or memorial volumes, symposia, and proceedings of congresses and conferences."--Preface Over 24,000 entries arranged geographically by region, subdivided by country and then by subject.
Hess, Robert L. Semper ex Africa... A bibliography of primary source for nineteenth-century tropical Africa as recorded by explorers, missionaries, traders, travelers, administrators, military men, adventurers, and others. Stanford, Calif., Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, 1972.
SML Reference Z3501 +H47 (LC)
International African Institute. Library. Cumulative Bibliography of African Studies. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1973. 5v.
SML Reference Z3509 +I58
A photoreproduction of a card index maintained at the Institute Library of books and articles on Africa from 1929-1972. The index was originally published quarterly from 1929- 1970 in the journal Africa and in 1971 and 1972 as a separate bulletin, International African Bibliography, from the Institute. The bibliography is based on the Institute's collection, and the emphasis in the earlier years is on ethnography and languages; the more recent material covers the entire field of African studies. The first two volumes contain author entries, and the other three are a classified arrangement by geographical area, subdivided by discipline.
Panofsky, Hans E. A bibliography of Africana. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1975.
CCL, Reference, Upper Level Z3501 P15 (LC)
Scheven, Yvette. Bibliographies for African studies, 1970-1986. London; New York: H. Zell Publishers, c 1988.
SML Reference Z3501 Al S37 1988 (LC)
Cumulates author's earlier volumes for 1970-1975, 1976-1979, and 1980-1983, and adds bibliographies from 1984, 1985, and 1986. Includes bibliographies written in major European languages, but excludes African languages (including Afrikaans and Arabic), Slavic and Scandinavian unless English translations of the titles are provided.
______. Bibliographies for African studies, 1987-1993. London; New Jersey: Hans Zell Publishers, 1994.
SML Reference Z3501 Al S365X 1994 (LC)
Africa bibliography. Manchester, England; Dover, N.H.: Manchester University Press, c1985-.
SML Z3503 A36 (LC) [Latest 5 years in SML Reference]
Annual coverage of books, essays, and articles "principally in the social sciences, environmental sciences, humanities and arts, though a selection of items from the medical, biological and physical sciences is also included. African government publications, and works of creative literature are not covered, but there are no other a priori exclusions." Introduction. Based on materials received by the Edinburgh University Library and the International African Institute. Arranged by region and country, with further subdivisions into broad subjects. Author and subject (keyword) indexes. Guide to Reference Books, 11 th Edition, DD19.
African Bibliographic Center. A Current bibliography on African affairs. Washington, DC. v. 1- 1962-
SML Reference Z3503 A37 (LC)
Quarterly selection of current books, documents, and periodical articles relevant to African studies. Includes bibliographical essays, bibliographies of new books as well as forthcoming publications, and book reviews.
African books in print. London, Mansell Information Pub. Ltd. 1975-
SML Z3501 +A36 (LC) [Latest issue in Bibliography]
International African bibliography. London: International African Institute, c1971- Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1971)-
SML Reference Z3503 158 (LC)
Quarterly bibliography of books and articles published by the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Continuation of bibliography published quarterly in the journal, Africa, from 1929 to 1970. No cumulative index. Each issue must be consulted. Arrangement is by broad subject area rather than by country.
Joint acquisitions list of Africana. Evanston, Ill., Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies. v. 1 - Jan. 1962-. Publication ceased Nov. 1996.
SML Reference Z3501 +J64 (LC); SML, Microform Fiche S553
A bimonthly cooperative listing of Africana in all languages published over the previous five-year period and reported to the Herskovits Library by major Africana libraries in the U.S. Provides full cataloging records and holdings at Northwestern. Issues for 1972-77, with re-editing and further authority work, were cumulated in an author/title arrangement and published in v.5-6 of the 1st supple. Of the Herskovits catalog. Annual cumulations covering 1978-80 have been published by G.K. Hall. A Cumulated edition (1978-1988) is available on microfiche. This version contains about 35,000 records. (Guide to Reference Books, 11th edition, no. DD24).
Also available online via Michigan State University's online catalog. From Database Selection Menu select 4 (Indexes to Articles) and then select AFRI (Africana).
U. S. imprints on Sub-Saharan Africa. African Section, African and Middle Eastern Division, Research Services. Washington: Library of Congress: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1986-
SML Reference Z3509 U18 (LC)
A guide to publications cataloged at the Library of Congress.

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