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BUL catalog-online updates this.
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SML Reference Z7164 G7 +N695 1972 (LC)
A catalog of the more than one million volumes of government publications and public documents in the collection. Entry is by issuing agency; no subject approach.
Updated by NYPL-RL-OPAC.
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Also: SSL, Reference Z3501 +W58 (LC)
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U.S. Library of Congress. African Section. Guides to Official Publications.
A series which lists official publications and gives their locations in American libraries. These publications are particularly useful in that they cite official documents of the old trading companies, of the colonizing countries, of the local colonial governments, and of international bodies such as the League of Nations and the United Nations, as well as those of the present day government. Among the titles in this series are:

Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, 1869-1968. SML Reference Z3559 B35 (LC)
British East Africa SML Reference Z3582 U53 (LC)
French Equatorial Africa, French Cameroons, and Togo, 1940-1958 SML Reference Z3691 U53 (LC)
French-Speaking Central Africa SML Reference Z3692 E57 (LC)
French-Speaking West Africa SML Reference Z3672 W57 (LC)
Ghana, 1872-1968 SML Reference Z3785 W57 (LC)
Madagascar and Adjacent Islands SML Reference Z3702 U53 (LC)
Nigeria SML Reference Z3597 U53 (LC)
Portuguese Africa SML Reference Z3871 G53 (LC)
The Rhodesias and Nyasaland SML Reference Z3573 R5 U55 (LC)
Sierra Leone and Gambia SML Reference Z3553 S5 U53 (LC)
Spanish-Speaking Africa SML Reference Z2689 R57 (LC)

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