Manuscripts and Archives

There are several areas of the collection of interest for African studies: 1. Correspondence and reports filmed from the archives of the Colonial and Foreign Offices of Great Britain. 2. Collections specifically on Africa, such as that of Charles Templeman Grams a South African educator; that of Howell Wright, which contains material on Kruger, Rhodes, Jameson, and others; and that of John Hays Hammond, which also contains material on South Africa. 3. Material relating to Africa scattered in various collections, which is described in the register entitled "African Collections."--subdivided by country and particularly strong for material relating to Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, the Gambia, and Rhodesia. Also, individual country collections, e.g. Nigeria collection. 4. The Colonel Edward House Papers. 5. League of Nations mandates.

Center for Research Libraries. Chicago. (CRL)

The Center has material in its collection of potential use for research in African studies: archives of the Church Missionary Society in London, 1799-1880 (on microfilm); microfilm material of the Cooperative African Microfilm Project (listed in the Camp catalog, Microform Z3509 +C66 (LC)); and various government gazettes and foreign newspapers. A more complete description and a listing of specific titles can be found in the Center's Handbook and in its Catalog. Material from the Center can be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. CRL catalog online.

Day Missions Library

A special collection housed in the Yale Divinity Library of over 10,000 titles. The material consists of published accounts and reports of missionary activity during the 19th century, a great deal of which pertains to Africa. Of obvious historical value, but also useful for anthropological information not available elsewhere. Recent mission material is included in the Divinity Library Collection.

Human Relations Area Files

Also known as the Cross Cultural Files. A collection of primary source materials (mainly books and articles, but including some unpublished manuscripts) on selected cultures and societies representing all major areas of the world. Organized so that material may be retrieved either by tribe or by custom. Housed in Sterling Memorial Library. Part now online.

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