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Bhatt, Purnima Mehta. Scholar's guide to Washington, D.C for African studies. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1980.
SML Z3501 B48 (LC)
Cook, Chris. The making of modern Africa: a guide to archives. New York: Facts on File, c 1995.
SML Reference Z3508 H5 C66X 1995 (LC)
Duignan, Peter. Handbook of American resources for African studies. Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, 1967.
SML Reference Z3501 D849 (LC)
Guide to the sources of the history of the nations. B. Africa. Zug, Inter Documentation [c1970-1983] 8 v.
SML Reference CD941 G85 (LC)
Prepared by the International Council on Archives, each volume describes the resources relating to African history to be found in a particular area or country. Devoted to primarily to public and private archive repositories, but also takes into account materials in libraries and museums.
Guides to materials for West African history European archives. London: Athione Press, 1962- 1973. 5v.
SML Reference CD1000 G85 (LC)
Henige, David P. A union list of Africana archival materials in microform. 2nd ed. [Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin?], 1984.
SML Z3509 +H46 1984 (LC)
Pearson, J. D. A guide to manuscripts and documents in the British Isles relating to Africa. London, England; New York: Mansell, 1993-
SML Reference Room CD1048 AS M37 1993 (LC)
South, Aloha. Guide to non-federal archives and manuscripts in the United States relating to Africa. London; New York: H. Zell Publishers, 1988. 2 v.
SML Reference CD3002 S68 1989 (LC)
_____. South, Aloha. Guide to Federal archives relating to Africa. [Waltham, Mass.: African Studies Association, 1977].
SML Reference Z3509 +S67 (LC)
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