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Selected Resources for African Studies

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  • The Curator makes every attempt to collect the finest films made about Africa as well as films from Africa. These films are entered into the Library Catalog (Orbis) but are not necessarily on the open shelves. Follow the instructions given on the catalog record. In addition, there are numerous films purchased by other bibliographers, which may or may not be on the open shelves. These films are listed in Orbis as well.

    The Film Studies Center at the Whitney Humanities Center has thousands of films. Many of the more recent purchases are also located in Orbis but a vast number of films are not and can only be identified via printed catalogs at the Film Center. Lastly, the PIER office at the Yale Center for International Area Studies (Luce Hall) contains numerous films. These are not listed in Orbis. Inquire at the PIER Library.

    Hints for searching for films/videos in the Yale Library Catalog: If you know the title, you may look it up in ORBIS by title. If you are looking to see what has been catalogued for the Library, use the following approaches:

    K=South Africa and video
    K=aids and video

History Resources

Archival & Manuscript Materials

    Henige, David P. A union list of Africana archival materials in microform. 2nd ed. [Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin?], 1984.
    SML Z3509 +H46 1984 (LC)
    Pearson, J. D. A guide to manuscripts and documents in the British Isles relating to Africa. London, England; New York: Mansell, 1993-
    SML Reference Room CD1048 AS M37 1993 (LC)
    South, Aloha. Guide to non-federal archives and manuscripts in the United States relating to Africa. London; New York: H. Zell Publishers, 1988. 2 v.
    SML Reference CD3002 S68 1989 (LC)
    South, Aloha. Guide to Federal archives relating to Africa. [Waltham, Mass.: African Studies Association, 1977].
    SML Reference Z3509 +S67 (LC)
    Yale Divinity School Library
    Yale Manuscripts and Archives

Government Documents

    Alman, Miriam. Debates of African legislatures. Cambridge: Heffer [for the] Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa, 1972.
    SML Z3509 A44 (LC)
    Boston University. Libraries Catalog of African government documents and African area index. 2nd ea., revised and enlarged. Boston, G.K. Hall, 1964.
    SML Z3508 G6 B67 1964 (LC)
    BUL catalog-online updates this.
    New York (City). Public Library. Research Libraries. Catalog of the Government Publications in the Research Libraries. Boston: G. K. Hal, 1972. 40v.
    SML Reference Z7164 G7 +N695 1972 (LC)
    A catalog of the more than one million volumes of government publications and public documents in the collection. Entry is by issuing agency; no subject approach.
    Updated by NYPL-RL-OPAC.
    South, Aloha. Guide to Federal archives relating to Africa. [Waltham, Mass.: African Studies Association, 1977].
    SML Reference Z3509 +S67 (LC)
    Witherell, Julian W. The United States and Africa: guide to U.S. official documents and government-sponsored publications on Africa, 1785-1975. Washington: General Reference and Bibliography Division, Reader Services Dept., Library of Congress, [1978]
    SML Reference Z3501 +W58 (LC)
    Also: SSL, Reference Z3501 +W58 (LC)
    ______. The United States and sub-Saharan Africa: guide to U.S. official documents and government-sponsored publications, 1976-1980. Washington: Library of Congress: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1984.
    SML Reference Z3501 +W58 1984 (LC)
    U.S. Library of Congress. African Section. Guides to Official Publications.
    A series which lists official publications and gives their locations in American libraries. These publications are particularly useful in that they cite official documents of the old trading companies, of the colonizing countries, of the local colonial governments, and of international bodies such as the League of Nations and the United Nations, as well as those of the present day government. Among the titles in this series are:

    Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, 1869-1968. SML Reference Z3559 B35 (LC)
    British East Africa SML Reference Z3582 U53 (LC)
    French Equatorial Africa, French Cameroons, and Togo, 1940-1958 SML Reference Z3691 U53 (LC)
    French-Speaking Central Africa SML Reference Z3692 E57 (LC)
    French-Speaking West Africa SML Reference Z3672 W57 (LC)
    Ghana, 1872-1968 SML Reference Z3785 W57 (LC)
    Madagascar and Adjacent Islands SML Reference Z3702 U53 (LC)
    Nigeria SML Reference Z3597 U53 (LC)
    Portuguese Africa SML Reference Z3871 G53 (LC)
    The Rhodesias and Nyasaland SML Reference Z3573 R5 U55 (LC)
    Sierra Leone and Gambia SML Reference Z3553 S5 U53 (LC)
    Spanish-Speaking Africa SML Reference Z2689 R57 (LC)

Dictionaries and other Language Resources

Listservs and Newsgroups

Maps & Atlases

Museums, Exhibits, and Special Collections

Visual Image Databases

African Studies Librarians' Resources

WWW Gateways

Additional Resources

  • Africa Data Dissemination Service - provides satellite imagery, maps, and field information collected from Africa.
  • Africa: African World Press Guide - electronic edition of an annotated guide to educational resources from and about Africa. The 28 topical chapters cover areas such as African cinema, women, refugees, human rights, African literature and more.
  • African Human Rights Resource Center - provides full-text charters, conventions and other instruments in addition to general resource links and bibliographies.
  • African Music Archive - focuses on modern African music. Some pages in German.
  • African Music Encyclopedia - browse by artist or country. Includes related links and resources.
  • African Philosophy Resources
  • African Political Resources
  • Aluka - Aluka's mission is to build and support a sustainable, online database of scholarly resources from the developing world, beginning in Africa, with content that is important for research and teaching both in the countries of the region and in the worldwide scholarly community.
  • Center for Research Libraries - description of microfilm holdings such as African census reports and British parliamentary papers on the Slave Trade. Materials are available through inter-library loan.
  • Oneworld - global issues from different perspectives.

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