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1973 Reunion currency

Regional Resources

  • Africa Live Database - covers macroeconomic, social, and sectoral data for individual countries as well as twenty regional groupings. Special features include data benchmarking, charting, and ranking. Requires registration (free) and Microsoft Word & Excel.
  • Africa South of the Sahara - single best one-stop print source for reliable, accurate overview information. (Call no. DT351 +A37; held at SML, CCL, SSL)
  • African Statistical Yearbook - country tables provided for Population, National Accounts, Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, Industry, Transports & Communications, Foreign Trade, Prices, Finance, and Social Statistics. (SSL-EGC 7 HA37.1 A3; Mudd Government Documents Center E/CN.14/ STAT/SER.S/)
  • Cities of the world. Volume 1: Africa - a compilation of current information on cultural, geographical, and political conditions in the countries and cities of six continents, based on the Department of State's "Post reports". (SML, Starr Main Reading Rm G153.4 C56)
  • EIU Databases - analyses of political and economic trends in nearly 200 countries. Access by Yale IP recognition. (SSL, Econ Growth Center)
  • Political Risk Yearbook (vol.4, Sub-Saharan Africa) - political and economic risk analysis. Online reports are in pdf format; access by Yale IP recognition.(SSL, Ref JQ1871 +P64X)
  • U.S. Department of State: African Issues - regional news and policy issues.
  • World Bank Africa Home page - contains development policies, projects and news as well as statistics and list of publications.
  • Yale Economic Growth Center Collection Links

Basic Data and Statistics

General Resources

News Resources

Dictionaries and Other Language Resources

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