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    AMEEL is a Web-based portal for the study of the Middle East, which integrates new and existing scholarly digital content to make such material easier to find and use efficiently and freely, in a digital collection of information, hopefully as rich and intricate as its subject.

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    OACIS for the Middle East (Online Access to Consolidated Information on Serials) is a union list of serials from or about the Middle East. The mission of OACIS is to improve access to Middle Eastern serials in libraries in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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  • Iraq ReCollection

  • To digitize a select group of the most important scholarly humanistic Iraqi journals held by Yale and the University of Pennsylvania, an OACIS partner.
  • To create an electronic archive of these digitized files that permits 1) retrieval and display via the Internet, and 2) integration into other existing electronic systems, such as the search engine of OACIS.
  • To develop an approach and best practices for scanning Arabic and Middle-East language-based humanistic content.

    Gateway to Gazettes

  • To digitize two valuable resources, the gazettes of independent Syria and British Mandate Palestine for the period 1919-48.
  • To create a digital representation of the publications and thus establish a basis for ongoing collaborative collections of digitized ME official gazettes.
  • selection list

    Yale-SOAS Islamic Manuscript Gallery

  • To create an integrated set of full-text digital resources supporting manuscript research from manuscript catalogs and dictionaries by converting materials in Arabic, Persian, and Western scripts (Latin, German, Spanish, and French) and depositing these into searchable repositories;
  • To augment existing digital collections of Arabic and Persian manuscripts by digitizing selected historical manuscripts, which highlight the contribution made to world knowledge by Middle Eastern philosophers, physicians, and scientists;
  • selection list
  • project partners: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
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AMEEL hopes to be a library, or a story as envisioned by Borges, that leads its patrons from one room into another and another, providing valuable information from and on the Middle East.

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