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What is AMEEL?   An Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library

AMEEL is a Web-based portal for the study of the Middle East, including its history, culture, development, and contemporary face, and within this portal, will integrate existing scholarly digital content to make such material easier to find and use efficiently and freely.

AMEEL will then become an electronic library about the Middle East, that is, a digital collection of information, hopefully as rich and intricate as its subject.

Project Information: take a look at AMEEL / press releases / project proposal / first steps / "On the Road" / list of Iraqi Journals for digitization / list of Regional Journals for digitization

Project Funding: /Department of Education's Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access Program. / TICFIA Grants to Institutions of Higher Education. / Conditions of Publication /

Project Team:

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AMEEL hopes to be a library, or a story as envisioned by Borges, that leads its patrons from one room into another and another, providing valuable information from and on the Middle East.
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