Alonso Barros Peña. Ion. (Buenos Aires: Pablo Alonso Castillo, 1998).

Poet and visual artist Alonso Barros Peña is an outstanding figure in the domain of experimental poetry in Argentina. Ion is a book of refined and subtle poetry as much as it is a visual and tangible object. This poetry cannot exist without the color transparencies, the many layers, the unexpected three-dimensional play, the cuts and the precise typesetting that make an astonishingly beautiful object out of words and letters. The object is poetry itself: its rhythm, textures, and nuances have been determined by the elegant language that transverses the texts.In the introductory page to this book, the author quotes Sherwood Anderson, who wrote, in reference to the work of Gertrude Stein:

"One would like words…that when seen on the painted page, have a distinct arresting effect upon the eye, words that when they jump out from under the pen one may feel with the fingers, as one might caress the cheeks of his beloved." Alonso Barros Peña found those words; he collected them, and gave them shape and printed form in a volume called Ion.

—Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel)