Augusto de Campos and Julio Plaza. Poemobiles. (São Paulo: Augusto de Campos and Julio Plaza, 1974). Limited edition: 1000 copies.

In 1968, Julio Plaza made his first "objects": two superimposed large cardboard pages projecting tridimensional pop-up forms through an interplay of cuttings and foldings. It occurred to me the idea of associating poetical texts to some of these "objects" and so were born the "poemobiles"- object-poems with words inscribed in several planes which displace themselves when the leaves are opened, allowing multiple readings. The first "poemobile," Abre [Open], in a bilingual setting, was included in the object-book Objetos (1969) by Julio Plaza.

What we had in mind was not the artist's book, nor a decorative publication, as in the majority of the books of poets illustrated by artists or of artists commented by poets, but an interdisciplinary dialogue, creative but functional, between the two languages, the verbal and the non-verbal, aiming to promote an imaginative fusion between the sensible and the intelligible through this intimate conjunction of the two arts.

--Augusto de Campos