The Edible Book Festival and Tea provided an opportunity for book lovers, writers, artists, and library enthusiasts to come together to celebrate books as both the transmitters of words and images and as familiar and beautiful objects. Throughout history, the human drive to communicate and record ideas has led to the innovative use of materials at hand to construct books in all manner of imaginative and unlikely formats. In the twenty-first century, alternative modes of publication abound and the idea of "the book" is more flexible than ever. At the Tea, food served as a metaphor, reminding us that to nourish, art and ideas must be consumed and digested.

This event was co-sponsored by the Arts of the Book Collection, Arts Library, the Yale Library Standing Committee on Professional Awareness, and the Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Library.

Edible Book High/Low Tea
April 1, 2005 at 3:30 pm
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Linnea Rose -- A rebus scroll of A Tutti Frutti Lovesong by Mary G. Dembeck

Ingredients: fruit leather, fruit, icing

Rita Valley -- Fruit Pi (An Open Book)

Ingredients: blueberries, apples, pie crust (flour, shortening, salt), fruit leather, "twizzlers"

A suite of savory entries from Emily Kopley and Abigail Ellman

Lopita by Vladimir Nabakov
Mrs. Dilloway Hummus by Virginia Woolf
The Scarlet Cheddar by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ingredients: pita bread, hummus, cheddar cheese

Emily Kopley and Abigail Ellman -- Absalami, Absalami! by William Faulkner

Ingredients: salami, mustard

Also from Emily Kopley and Abigail Ellman

Brie Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Ingredients: crackers, brie cheese

Corey Rossman -- Watership Drowned

Ingredients: white chocolate mousse (blue food coloring), marshmallow bunnies, shortbread, phyllo dough (baked with butter, cinnamon, sugar), caramel

Susan Klein - Apri-Coptic

Ingredients: fruit leather, licorice, dried apricots

Carla Heister -- The Cacahuatl Eater: Ruminations of an Unabashed Chocolate Addict by Jonathan Ott

Ingredients: chocolate cake

Carla Heister -- Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess

Ingredients: eggs, basil, parsely, spinach, ham

Carla Heister -- Miniature books

Ingredients: graham crackers, hershey's miniatures, fruit leather


Edible Books Workshop
April 1, 2005 from 1pm to 3pm
Sterling Memorial Library

Could these materials be turned into replicas of historical book related structures? Yes!

This kit was given to each workshop participant. We discussed the history and relationship of three important structures: papyrus, the scroll, the codex. Then we created our own versions with edible products. Each participant made their work even more unique by adding decoration and text.


A demonstration of sewing to assemble a version of an early Roman codex

[below & below left]
Students assembling papyrus from "fruit by the foot."


A Selection of Workshop Creations

Trio of student work
"I'll eat my words" papyrus by Miriam Goldberg
Codex and scroll by Miriam Goldberg
"Spub" codex
P(oem) by Dolores Hayden
Yes/No/Maybe by Dolores Hayden
Wordsworth codex, scroll, papyrus by Brianna Hill
"Once upon a time..." scroll