The Tradition of Letterpress Printing at Yale
Arts of the Book Collection
------Honorable Company of College Printers (HCCP)
The Company of College Printers was founded in 1937 at the instigation of Clarence W. Mendell, then Master of Branford College. The group was made of Masters, faculty advisers, and undergraduate printers from the three colleges to first have printing offices. They met sporadically for dinners, lectures and discussions, and to print. The group did not become "Honorable" until Mr. Carl Lohmann so called them in 1940 on an invitation to an evening of printing activities.

The HCCP has existed sporadically since its inception. The history lists revival meetings in 1952, 1955, and 1962. The continuance of the organization is not clear after the HCCP history was written in 1965. A more detailed history of the group is available on the Arts of the Book Collection web site. The images below are a selection of printed ephemera concerning the HCCP in the archive of student printing in the AOB Collection.

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