The Tradition of Letterpress Printing at Yale
Arts of the Book Collection
-----Learning the Skills
In the recent past, when letterpress technology dominated printed communication, each residential college operated a letterpress print shop headed by a bursary student, the "College Printer." The mandate was to produce the posters, invitations, stationery, etc., which supported the operation of the college. In addition, the presses fostered student creativity and self-publication. 

How did these students learn the needed skills? They took the classes taught by the advanced student printers. The skilled craftsmen of the University Press and others knowledgeable in the printing arts such as college fellows also provided assistance. But the main form of learning took place among the students themselves. The images on this page represent a selection of the advertisements printed to attract the next generation of student printers. The originals are housed in the Arts of the Book Collection archive of student printing.


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