The Tradition of Letterpress Printing at Yale
Arts of the Book Collection
------Lohmann Prizes for Excellence
------in Undergraduate Printing and Design


The Lohmann Prizes were established in 1967 to honor Carl C. Lohmann (Yale 1910) founding member of the Whiffenpoofs and of the Honorable Company of College Printers, life-long typophile, and Secretary of Yale University between 1927 and 1953. 

The Lohmann prizes are awarded annually in celebration of the broad range of undergraduate printing at Yale. Separate categories recognize the graphic excellence of pieces produced in a variety of ways--computer-generated images with laser and electrostatic reproduction as well as the traditional technologies of letterpress, offset, and screen printing. Winning pieces become a permanent part of the Arts of the Book Collection, Yale University Library. 

Entries are received in the Arts of the Book Collection in early May, and are judged by a panel which includes, but is not limited to, the Curator of the Arts of the Book Collection, the University Printer and Printer Emeritus, as well as  representatives from the Graphic Design Program, and the Arts Library. 

The below images are a representative sample of works that used letterpress printing and were awarded a Lohmann Prize.

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