Arts of the Book Collection

Student printing at Yale dates back to the mid-1930s, with the establishment of college presses at Timothy Dwight, Branford and Jonathan Edwards Colleges, and the founding of the Honorable Company of College Printers. The tradition continues, with the list of currently active college presses including Jonathan Edwards, Branford, Davenport and Saybrook. An archive containing samples of student printing at Yale is housed in the Arts of the Book Collection.

A selection of student works have been digitized for the online exhibition:

The Tradition of
Letterpress Printing
at Yale



Honorable Company of College Printers (HCCP)
This timeline of events was originally printed at the Carl Purington Rollins Printing-Office of the Yale University Press, 1967. This Web version is reprinted (and slightly abridged) with permision of the Yale University Press. >>

Random Notes on the Origin of the College Presses
This brief history was been compiled over a fifteen-year period by George Vaill, the designated historian of the HCCP. The time period covered is from the inception of the presses to 1967. >>