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The Haas Family Arts Library is pleased to provide its patrons with state-of-the-art study spaces, equipment, and other services to enhance use of the collections.

Group Study Rooms
The Library has three group study rooms. All rooms have white boards, LCD screens, and ethernet outlets. For study room access, follow this link.

Public Workstations
Public workstations are available throughout the Haas Family Arts Library. All are internet accessible and to be used for research purposes by library patrons. Patrons may check email, but are asked to be courteous to fellow patrons waiting to use the workstations for research. With the exception of two workstations located in the Circulation Desk Lobby area, all workstations must be unlocked with a Yale netid and password.

Workstation Software:

IE & Firefox Browsers
Secure Shell Client (SSH)
Adobe Acrobat Professional (all scanning workstation only)
Record Now Plus (all scanning workstations)
Colorworks (all scanning workstations)
Photoshop Elements (all scanning workstations)
OpenSpace (for YSOA students)

Scanning Workstations
The Haas Family Arts Library has four scanning workstations. All uses of the scanners are subject to U.S. copyright law (Title 17) and, as with photocopying, patrons will be responsible for using scanned materials in compliance with copyright law. Directions for the scanners are available here. For further assistance or to report a problem with a scanner, contact a Haas Arts Library expert user, lindsay.king@yale.edu.

Locations & Types
- Haas #103 Self Scanning Room (main level reading area), 2 small HP scanners
- Outside of Haas #103, 1 Epson large flatbed scanner and 1 small HP scanner

Wireless Access
The Haas Arts Library offers wireless access to the network. Information can be found at the ITS wireless page. All reading tables in the Haas Arts Library are equipped with ethernet connections and power sources for laptops. Students must register for wired network access. Registration is not required for wireless access, simply connect to Yale Secure with your netID.


Printers in Arts Library
All patrons must pay for printing and the RIS printing workstations through the Yale University campus require a printing account that anyone can may create.

  • The Haas family Arts Library RIS Printing Station is located in the main level reading room, near Haas #112.
  • Refer to the ITS Distributed Printing Overview for general information about establishing a printing account, adding money to the account, and printing.
  • See ITS Print Account Management to add funds to your account, look up your transactions, and create a PrintID if you are a visitor to Yale.
  • Color printers are available at the DMCA, the ITS cluster in Connecticut Hall, the ITS cluster in Dunham Garage (Room 120), and the ITS cluster in Pierson College, Upper Library.

There are three copiers in the library. A black & white copier ($.15 per page) sits outside Haas #103 (opposite the scanning workstations.) A color copier ($1 per page) and a second black & white copier are located on the lower level, off the atrium, #B22. These copiers do not take cash but only CBSBloom's copy cards. A card dispenser is also located in B22.

Arts Library Copy Stand
The copy stand is located in Haas #103, the Self Scanning Room. It is equipped with lights. You may use film or digital cameras with this equipment. For access to the copy stand, contact staff at the circulation desk.

Multimedia Station
The multimedia station is intended for viewing/listening to videos, dvds and cds. It is located in Haas #103 Headphones and the station's remote control are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.

Student Computer Tech Support (Student Technology Collaborative)