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Group Study RoomsStudent Shelves

Haas Family Arts Library Group Study Rooms
The Haas Family Arts Library is pleased to offer three group study rooms. These rooms are for the use of patrons affiliated with Yale University. Group Study Rooms may be reserved for such activities as consultations, tutoring, practice sessions for presentations, or other group meetings. They are not intended to be used for social functions or regularly scheduled classes or seminars. All three Group Study Rooms (108, B35, B36) seat six to eight people. Each room contains a wall-mounted flat screen monitor and dry erase board. Personal laptops may be used with the flat screens and remote controls may be checked out at the Library Service Desk.

Reserving Study Rooms
To reserve any of the Group Study Rooms please contact Haas Family Arts Library Access Services. Walk-in use is available by inquiring at the Library Service Desk. If a room is not in use, a library staff member will grant access to the space and inform the patron of any upcoming reservations.


  • Food is NOT permitted in the Group Study Rooms. Non-alcoholic beverages may be taken into the Group Study Rooms in approved spill-proof containers.
  • If a study room is unoccupied, students are welcome to use the space. Please ask at the Library Services Desk if a Group Study Room is available for use.
  • Entry to each room requires checking in at the Library Services Desk. 
  • Doors to the Group Study Rooms should not be propped open.
  • Each room has been furnished for safe egress of its designated maximum capacity.  Please do not bring additional chairs or other furniture into a room. Return rooms to their original configuration before leaving.
  • Colored chalk and wet markers may not be used on writing surfaces.  Please use only the chalk, dry-eraser markers, erasers, and cleaning fluid that are appropriate for the surface provided.
  • The person who reserves a classroom is responsible for its use and care.  Rooms should be left in the same condition as found and cleared of any debris. 
  • Any charges that are assessed for damages or excessive cleaning may be passed on to the individual who has reserved the room.
For Your Security
  • University or Library-issued identification is necessary to enter the Haas Family Arts Library after 5 p.m.
  • Whenever you are concerned about your safety when leaving the building, escorts to vehicles or other buildings may be requested through 432-9255.
  • PLEASE WATCH YOUR PERSONAL POSSESSIONS. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.

For more information on reserving group study spaces, classroom spaces and related services on Yale’s campus see the following:


Student Shelves This service offers patrons the opportunity to reserve a personal shelf for specific library materials pertaining to their research.

  • Only materials from the Haas Family Arts Library Art & Architecture collection are permitted on student shelves.
  • Drama collection materials are not permitted on Haas Arts Library student shelves. Drama collection books and periodicals have a 2 month circulation policy and are subject to recall.
  • Art & Architecture collection periodicals, and all Haas Arts Library reference books and reserve books do not circulate to student shelves.
  • Patrons may remove materials from their own or other student shelves for regular check-out. Materials will be placed back on the assigned shelf when returned.
  • During high use periods of the semester, shelves may be assigned multiple patrons.
  • Patrons are asked to keep shelves neat and place books in the proper shelving position to prevent damage to materials. Bookends are provided. Books placed on top of other books will be returned to the stacks.
  • For collection preservation, students are prohibited from using post-it notes in library materials. Any post-it notes left in books will be removed.


Long Term Shelves

  •  Long Term shelves are located on the main level on the York Street side of the reading room and in the lower level compact shelving area
  • Shelves are assigned to Graduate Students and Seniors researching for Senior Essays.
  • Shelves are available for use by semester or Academic Year. All items are removed from shelves at the end of Spring semester
  • For use during summer term, shelves must be renewed before the end of spring semester.
  • Summer students wishing to continue using their shelves for fall semester must renew at the end of the summer. Otherwise, all shelves will be cleared at the end of the summer term.
  • Faculty members are not permitted use of long term shelves during the academic year, but may reserve a shelf during summer term.

Short Term Shelves

  • Short Term shelves are located on the lower level in the perimeter of the compact shelving area.
  • Shelves are assigned to Undergraduate Students
  • Shelves are available for a 3 week term of use.
  • Unless a shelf is renewed, all items are removed from an assigned shelf 3 weeks after reserve date.

 Reserving and placing material on a Long Term or Short Term Shelf

  • Patrons must visit the Haas Arts Library service desk to fill out an application card and provide Yale ID.
  • To place a book on a student shelf after a shelf is assigned the student must take the material to the library service desk and fill out a “Yellow Shelf Card” for each item.
  • The “Yellow Shelf Card” will record the last name of the patron and title and call number of the item.
  • The “Yellow Shelf Card” will be placed in the item and kept there until the patron removes the item from their shelf or the shelf term ends.
  • After the “Yellow Shelf Card” is placed in an item, the book is charged out to the student shelf, not the student’s circulation account. Either the patron or library staff may place the item on a patron’s assigned shelf after the item is charged.
  • The “Yellow Shelf Card” must remain in the book when any patron checks the item out of the library. This will insure that the item is re-charged to the student’s shelf upon return.
  • If a patron wishes to take an item from their assigned shelf out of the library, the item must be taken to the library service desk and checked out to their personal circulation account. Provided the “Yellow Shelf Card” is present when the book is returned, it will then be re-charged back to the student’s shelf.

Study Carrels
The Haas Family Arts Library offers 8 Study Carrels located on the balcony level.
-The balcony can be accessed by stairs located on the York Street side of the library.
- Carrels are reserved each semester for Architecture and History of Art PhD candidates.

For more information regarding Student Shelves, please contact the Haas Family Arts Library Access Services Department.