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Appendix G: Western Americana Cataloging Tips

Subject headings

The Western Americana Collection is driven primarily by subject rather than by author. Therefore, topical subject headings in the catalog records are important.

The following is a list of special subject interests which should get traced if reflected in material being cataloged. For some of the entries I have supplied the commonly used tracings, and have included subfield codes to indicate if a tracing is commonly subdivided that way or is a subdivision itself.


California gold rush:

California |x Gold discoveries
Mines and mineral resources |z California
Overland journeys to the Pacific |y [year]
         This is coded as a local heading (second indicator 4), because the chron. subdivision is not           allowed by LC, and it's too valuable to lose in our opinion.
Voyages to the Pacific coast
          Also trace the name of the ship
Also trace names of gold camps, and references to cholera


Trace boundary surveysCivil War

Early exploration:

|z    |x Discovery and exploration
    For early exploration only; not for later, but still early "settlement"
Indians of North America
Used in addition to specific tribe name

The list below was culled from a list of established Native American headings that were created for the Western Americana recon project. The rest of the entries on the original list can be found in LTLC. The source was the Handbook of American Indians. Parts I-II. Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 30, edited by Frederick Webb Hodge. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1907, 1910.

Kiowa Apache Indians

settled in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, joined with Kiowas and stayed with them when they moved to the southern plains
Pima Indians
use for lower Pima Nevome, Pima Bajos, Indians in Sonora, Mexico and the Yaqui River region
Louisiana Territory -- early history, discovery and exploration


Mills and mill-work |z
Mineral industries |z
Mines and mineral resources |z

North American Forts

The list below was culled from a list created during the Western Americana recon project. The rest of the entries on the original list can be found in LTLC.

Fort Berthold Indian Mission (N.D.)

set up by the American Missionary Association
Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
use for Fort Berthold
Fort Crittenden (Utah)
use for Camp Floyd
Fort Douglas (Utah)
earlier Camp Douglas
Camp Floyd (Utah)
use Fort Crittenden (Utah)
Photography (historical Western)
Trace Western photographers and photography studios mentioned as well as the actual producers of the photographs
Pictorial letterhead, esp. depicting cities or western scenes
|z Place |x Pictorial works.

Texas/Spanish Southwest


Westward migration

Frontier and pioneer life |z
Used for social history collections concerning the settlement of frontier regions
Pioneers |z
Usually refers to someone who has pushed out beyond the area of established settlements, someone in a rural setting rather than an urban setting. We haven't linked the use of pioneer to the time before a territory becomes a state, because that isn't the best indicator. Have used Women--California instead of Women pioneers--California in the case of one woman in Stockton in the 1858. Too late to be considered a pioneer.
Women in the West

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