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Appendix Q: Family Names

When the use of a family name in the main entry is appropriate, and in searching the name online you find an authority record for the family which differs from the family name you'd like to use, go ahead and use the family name you have as the main entry, ignoring the authority record (see DACS 12.29). Use the authorized form of the family name in the 600.  

So if you have the Griggs Family Papers, and you search Griggs in the Orbis local database, you'll find "Search under Gregg family". This authority record for the Gregg family is a subject authority record, which means that in Orbis when you do a search for s=griggs family, you'll get "Search under Gregg family" but not when you do a search for a=griggs family. (Archivists don't like these family names in the subject authority file since we use them as main entries, but we're in the minority.)  

Thinking of the Griggs Family as a corporate name, we follow the idea that one chooses as the heading the latest form of the name that used in the papers (Griggs) and list as our  main entry Griggs family. We bow to the subject authority record and put the 600 as Gregg family. So 100 3b/ Griggs family. 245 10 Griggs family papers. 600 30 Gregg family.  

In Orbis, a search on a=griggs family brings up our record. A search on s=griggs family brings up "Search under Gregg family" and s=gregg family brings up a list with our record.

There is an actual Griggs Family Papers record in Orbis.

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