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This manual provides information on the creation and maintenance of Orbis records for Manuscript Unit catalogers using the Mixed Materials format. It covers specific procedures staff must know to input and edit bibliographic and holding records, compatible with national standards (e.g. DACS, APPM, AACR2, LCSH) and with Yale and Beinecke policies and practices. While the manual covers most common situations, staff needing guidance on specific situations should consult other documentation (see Other Useful Sources) or the Cataloging Coordinator.

A typical catalog record consists of the bibliographic record and an associated mfhd (MARC format for holdings) record. The bibliographic record contains the author, title, subject headings and description of the item, and the mfhd contains the location and the call number. Voyager is the software we use to create the MARC record. This manual contains information on cataloging in Voyager, with sections on troubleshooting problems commonly encountered while cataloging.

There are several ways to input and upgrade records in Orbis: direct input, electronic transfer from utilities (such as OCLC), batch loading of tapes, and making a copy of a record already in Orbis. The Manuscript Unit creates bibliographic records directly in Orbis, and these records are exported to OCLC and MARS (OCLC Automated Authority Control). Any new authority records that need to be created should be referred to the Cataloging Coodinator or another NACO-authorized cataloger. Yale contributes records to the Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO), and only those who have completed NACO training can create authority records in our database.  

Orbis records are input in the cataloging module. When records are created in the database, index entries are generated from the predetermined MARC fields for retrieval, and appear in the public display after display labels (e.g. Title: or Notes:) set in Orbis at the system level. The system also assigns and indexes separate record ID numbers for each bibliographic and mfhd record.

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