Connexion/RLIN FAQ

To: Technical Services Staff
From: Patricia Thurston et al.
Date: (4/17/07 creation date/ 04/17/2007 2:44 PM revision date)

1. Why should I continue sending records to RLG when I'm not even using the Union Catalog anymore?
Answer: RLG has not yet moved our cluster records over to OCLC. These RLG cluster records will become our institutional records in OCLC.

2. But isn't OCLC keeping a copy of our institutional records too? Does that mean we're going to have two institutional records for us?
Answer: Yes. However, the only institutional records we will see in the new OCLC Connexion client (summer 2007) will be those that migrated from RLG. Although OCLC does have copies of institutional records, the OCLC records are in an archive, and not currently accessible via the client. It's easier for OCLC to make our RLG cluster records available as institutional records during the migration. Later, after migration and client development kinks are resolved, OCLC will look into also making archival records available for the non-RLG institutions who have been OCLC members only. Thus, current OCLC-only libraries will not have the option of displaying their own institutional records in the beginning of the new era. They will have to wait until later.

3. What if I stopped sending records to RLIN when I stopped using the RLIN Union Catalog? What will happen to those records?
Answer: Those records will not be in the RLG cluster migration, and will therefor not be OCLC institutional records. But don' feel too badly. Just start sending any current work to RLIN again. The good thing is that ORBIS is our database of record, and our holdings symbol will be attached to the master records in OCLC.  So other institutions will know we have these titles, and ILL will be able to request them. At some point we might have a project that can fix the discrepancies between ORBIS and the utility.

4. Once RLIN goes away for good (probably later in the summer, 2007), will Export Q be updated?
Answer: Eventually, yes. The legacy "RLIN" button will not do any harm in the meantime. Any records queued for RLIN will not be extracted.

5. When is OCLC going to update their status page?

The page has been updated Apr. 17.


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