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Processing Early American Newspapers in = microfilm=20

Search Orbis

If Beinecke record is found, check with Beinecke Serial Cataloger to = make=20 sure the record is ok to use as a resource. Bovl  your in-process = record=20 with the Beinecke record & update as microform.  If Beinecke = has done=20 as latest entry, follow Beinecke. If no Beinecke record is found, search = LTLC.=20 If a record is found, use bovl to replace the in-process record. (If the = record=20 is for the original, use bovl and edit to match microfilm format.)=20

Search Serial Catalog

If only a microprint record is found, do not search further in RLIN; = we will=20 restrict bibliographic information entered on Orbis to data found on the = microprint card. The microfilm edition will replace the microprint = edition, so=20 the card set for the microprint will need to be withdrawn.=20

Search RLIN for LC or member copy

If no copy is found, search RLIN. If LC or other libraries have = cataloged the=20 title as successive, get printouts for all title changes. Check titles = against=20 date range of issues on your reels. Download only the titles = corresponding to=20 the issues held on the microfilm. If no cataloging is found for the = microfilm,=20 download the appropriate titles for the original, overlay the Orbis = in-process=20 record, and edit the Orbis record to match the microfilm format.=20


How to construct newspaper microfilm call numbers:=20

H297 <------corresponding digits in = cutter=20 table chart=20

1st letter of title; S uses first 2 letters; also vowels=20

Be sure to use cutter table chart. Remember S & vowels are = a=20 separate part of the chart.=20

Note that the 1st 2 letters are sometimes transcribed, with the = second letter=20 lowercase, e.g. letter S.=20

Note that the newspaper shelflist is now upstairs in the Catalog = Dept. Click here for more=20 information.=20

How to adjust variant edition copy to match microfilm

If cataloging is found only for the original, perform the following = edits on=20 Orbis:=20

Fixed fields:

Make the following edits (if necessary):

E/L: blank=20

CP, D/CODE, DT/1 &  DT/2, FREQ, & REG  should = correspond to=20 the ORIGINAL=20

SRC: d=20

REPRO: a=20

S/T:  n  <for newspaper>=20

Create a 007  fixed field string for the microfilm:

Position the cursor at the bottom of the page,  type 007h and = press=20 ENTER.  The format fixed field string for microfilm (h) will = display below=20 the standard fixed fields. Type the following values in the indicated = fixed=20 fields:=20

SMD d microfilm reel; e=3Dmicrofiche
POLAR a positive reproduction; n=3Dnegative
DIM f 35 mm.
RR a--- Low reduction ratio
COL b Black & white reproduction
EML a Silver halide
GEN c Copy
BSE a Safety base

When copy cataloging microfilm, make sure you are downloading a = record for a=20 microfilm reel set and not for a microfiche or microprint, and = that your=20 fixed field GEN is set for copy. (If you can't find a format match, =  edit=20 on Orbis as original;  but treat as a derive if only the GEN = needs to be=20 changed.) You are not expected to verify the RR, EML, or BSE, and = you can=20 assume any reel is 35 mm. if it isn't stated explicitly.=20

Variable fields:=20

040:: CtY|cCtY  =20

245: must have |h[microform]. <----don't forget period!=20

533 __ Microfilm.|bNew Canaan, Conn._:|cReadex Microprint=20 Corp.,|d[19--].|e __ microfilm reels_;_ 35 mm._|f(Early American=20 newspapers)|7q19701989ctu__a=20

If set is complete, indicate the number of reels. Note that the = series=20 statement for Early American newspapers is recorded in |f of the 533 and = not in=20 the 4xx field.=20

830 _0 Early American newspapers.=20


CALL |asml,mic|bFilm|cAn;H2336=20

Note carefully how delimiters and semicolon are used to format the = call=20 number.=20


For newspapers with publisher labels, like Early American newspapers, = use=20 vol./chronology as given on the label, but translated into ANSI format.=20 [Examination of the reel frame by frame will indicate more detailed=20 chronological information and missing issues, but you should not devote = time=20 examining the reel for this information.]=20


If the label already gives complete information, don't type a new = label; just=20 write the call number in pencil (or on a label if box doesn't take = pencil) in=20 the corner of the box (bottom left corner of the square side of the box = above=20 the label or above the side where the label is expected to go). If set = is large=20 mark only the first reel box. Send the reels to Binding for marking and=20 labelling.=20

Always include date coverage after the call number unless the title = is dead=20 AND is complete in ONE reel.=20

If label is typed, type in Title area of the label the 245 unless = there is a=20 130. If there is a 130, type the 130 only; don't transcribe both the 130 = and the=20 245.=20

If a typed label is used on all boxes, send directly to Microtext = (leave on=20 Microform Room pick up shelf ). If there are many boxes, type the label = for the=20 first, mark the pattern on the other boxes, and send to Preparations.=20

If there is a publisher label, mark with pencil and send to = Preparations.=20

Call number marking examples:=20

Complete 1890 run in 2 reels. No other years present =
Microtext Microtext
Film Film
An An
K95 K95
1890:1 1890:2

Complete 1890 run on 2 reels, with part of 180 and all of = 1891 on=20 reel 2
Microtext Microtext
Film Film
An An
K96 K96
1890 1890/91

Complete 1890 and 1891 run on one reel=20


Use slash when date overlaps to previous or next reel =
Microtext Microtext
Film Film
An An
Se515 Se515
1945/46 1946/47

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