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From: Catalog Librarian for Training & Documentation (Steven Arakawa)
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LINKS: Bibliographic records -- CIP, Added Copy, Variant Edition -- Description and Access -- Minimal Level -- Authority Control -- LCSH/Form-Genre -- MFHD -- Item Level -- Cataloging in Voyager -- ExportQ -- Cataloging Tools & Utilities (Macroexpress, OCLC) -- Special Formats -- Multiparts -- Serials (Incl. series and major/minor changes) -- Integrating Resources -- Reproductions (Microfilm & Photocopies) -- Video -- Electronic Resources -- Scores -- Sound recordings -- Cartographic Resources -- Graphic and 3-dimensional -- Mixed Materials -- Cataloging Standards -- Workflow -- Workflow: Catalog Maintenance -- Appendices (Memos, glossary)

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Bibliographic records (General and Books)

  1. General and Location-Specific Processing for Cataloging, Acquisitions, Preliminary Records & Catalog Maintenance under Workflow
  2. BSR, MFHD, MLC, CONSER, Provider-Neutral, Core under Cataloging Standards. See also under Special Formats
  3. CIP records
  4. Member copy DRAFT
  5. Editing see Editing Voyager Records
  6. Added Copy or New Record

  7. Variant edition copy

  8. Fixed fields:

  9. Description & Access DRAFT

  10. Minimal level (see also under Standards )
  11. Authority control workflow

  12. LCSH, Form/Genre, Local Subjects

  13. Uniform titles


  1. Standards, policies and procedures (General & SML)
  2. Call number formatting examples
  3. Orbis2 location table See also: 15. Local SML
  4. LSF location codes
  5. LC classification overview
  6. Shelflisting Introduction
  7. Shelflisting Quick Reference Table
  8. Shelflisting in Voyager Microsoft Word Document
  9. Local: SML
  10. Local: British Art
  11. Local: Beinecke Cataloging Manual (Draft)
  12. Local: Divinity
  13. Local: Economic Growth
  14. Local: Government Documents
  15. Local: Medical
  16. Local: Music
  17. Local: Science (Astronomy, Mathematics, Kline, etc.?)
  18. Local: Walpole(?)

Item level (General and Monographs)

  1. Item records (YUL/Voyager)
  2. SML Voyager item records (local processing)
  3. Science Libraries Item Record Policy for Serials
  4. Materials processing (see also: Workflow)

  5. Relinking item records
  6. Bound with

Cataloging in Voyager

  1. NELINET Orbis2 Cataloging (training manual; Word format; 47 p.) LAST REV. 2007
  2. Voyager settings
  3. Using Voyager for cataloging
  4. Editing Voyager records
  5. ExportQ program
  6. Web Voyage (OPAC)

Cataloging Tools & Utilities

  1. Macro Express at Yale
  2. OCLC
  3. Cataloger's Desktop
  4. Classification Web
  5. Cataloging Calculator (Kyle Banerjee)
    Type in a word to create a Cutter; to find a geographic Cutter from SHM G300; to find MARC 21 area, country, & language codes. Select a format (book, serial, video, etc.) & click on an OCLC fixed field mnemonic to link to the scope/definition in Bibliographic Formats & Standards. CAUTION: MARC 21 codes for Australian states have not been updated.
  6. Library of Congress
  7. More Cataloging Tools




  1. Workflow
  2. Standards for recording multipart volume holdings

Serials & Series

  1. Workflow
  2. Copy cataloging: CONSER Standard Record Copy Cataloging Checklist
  3. Original: CONSER Standard Record: What's New
  4. Updating: CONSER Standard Record: Maintenance Guidelines for Acquisitions and Serials Support
  5. Resources:
  6. Standards for recording serial volume holdings
  7. Standards for recording serial volume holdings. Supplement
  8. Item
  9. Serial marking
  10. Indexes and supplements
  11. Yale Policies for Series Authority Records
  12. Bibliographic Records for Monographic Series & Multipart Monographs on Standing Order
  13. Major/minor changes
  14. Major/minor examples
  15. Mudd Serial Reclass Workflow DRAFT
  16. Serial analytics
  17. Issue analytics see OCLC Bibliographic Formats & Standards 3. Special Cataloging Guidelines [3.4 "In Analytics" and 3.5 Offprints and Detached Copies]
  18. Newspapers
  19. Auction/sales catalogs

Integrating resources

  1. Updating loose-leafs
  2. Integrating resources: a cataloging manual (PDF file/PCC)

Reproductions (Photocopies and Microform)

  1. Standard procedures for the processing and cataloging of Preservation replacements: part 1: workflow (rev. by CPDC)
  2. Standard procedures for the processing and cataloging of Preservation replacements: part 2: cataloging (rev. by CPDC)
  3. Microform guides memo
  4. Item Records (SML)
  5. Multiple versions


  1. Workflow: Preliminary records for video
  2. Searching, selecting, and verifying video cataloging copy for preliminary and cataloged records (YUL)
  3. Bibco MAP for Moving Image Materials
  4. Original (YUL)
  5. Updating
  6. Classification: Fiction/non-Fiction (SML) (YUL/CMS)
  7. Item level: SML. Refer to: SML/Bass Procedures for Media. Cataloging Procedures for Audio-Visual, CD-Rom, and Related Media 
  8. Resources

Direct Access Electronic Resources

  1. Cataloging CD-ROMs and Other Direct Access Electronic Resources: Original Cataloging
  2. Cataloging CD-ROMs and Other Direct Access Electronic Resources: Copy Cataloging Checklist
  3. Guidelines for coding electronic resources in Leader/06. (LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office)
  4. Other resources may be found on the Cataloging at Yale/Tools & Resources: Nonbook Cataloging page under Electronic Resources (e.g. guides to cataloging slotmusic, playaways)

Remote Access Electronic Resources

  1. General Website Cataloging Policies & Procedures
  2. Cataloging Online Books: Born Digital
  3. Cataloging Online Books: Copy Cataloging & Variant Format Cataloging
  4. Cataloging e-Serials Checklist
  5. Cataloging Online Integrating Resources
  6. e-Resource Record Loads at Yale
  7. Fixed Field Coding in Records for Online Resources
  8. Linking Text Subfields in 856
  9. Metadata Services: MARC-related Documentation
  10. Standard Terms for 856 Link Text
  11. Other resources may be found on the Cataloging at Yale/Tools & Resources: Nonbook Cataloging page under Electronic Resources (e.g. guides to cataloging streaming media, provider neutral e-monograph MARC record guide, source of title notes)


  1. Guidelines for determining proper format for scores and score-like material (Yale Music Library)
  2. BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for Notated Music
  3. Descriptive cataloging (Yale Music Library)
  4. Music score cataloging basics (55 p. in Word; Ralph Papakhian, handout from 2002 OLAC/MOUG conference)
  5. Principles of music uniform titles (Matthew Wise, Indiana)
  6. Subject cataloging (Yale Music Library)
  7. Music-specific MARC tagging (Yale Music Library)
  8. Manuscript music (Beinecke Library)
  9. Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC 21

Sound recordings

  1. Audiobooks (Form Subject Tracing)
  2. Bibco Standard Record (BSR for Sound Recording
  3. Core Cataloging of Non-Music Sound Recordings (YUL)
  4. Yale Music Library Sound Recording web page
  5. Sound recording cataloging (PDF file. Mickey Koth; updated 1998 by Margaret Kaus) <use with caution>
  6. Sound Recordings Cataloging Workshop (2008, Jay Weitz) Adobe Portable Document File
  7. Non-Music Sound Recordings: Member/LC Copy Checklist
  8. Chief source of information for scores & sound recordings. (Yale Music Library)
  9. Choice of main and added entries for sound recordings (Yale Music Library)
  10. Note area for sound recordings (Yale Music Library)
  11. Preparing for the brave new world of sound recording cataloging (Mary Huismann, OLAC Biennial Conference, 2006) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  12. Recording durations in contents notes (Notes from a MOUG session by Deta Davis, LC)
  13. 008 field for sound recordings (Yale Music Library)
  14. 007 field for sound recordings (Yale Music Library)
  15. 028 field for sound recordings (Yale Music Library)
  16. Relator codes used by LC (Yale Music Library)

Cartographic resources

  1. Cataloging Cartographic Materials at Yale University Library
  2. BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for Cartographic Materials Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Cartographic Materials Cataloging at Yale: General Resources (Note: the more basic resources are provided in this section, 4ff.; use the link to Cartographic Materials Cataloging for additional resources)
  4. Yale Map Collection Home Page
  5. AACR2 Revisions 2002: Chapter 3: Cartographic Materials (OLAC; Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
  6. Special instructions and tables of subdivisions for cartographic materials (LC)
  7. Geographic cutter number table G1548-G9804 (LC)
  8. Map cataloging basics (MAGERT; PDF file)
  9. Map cataloging resources (Oregon State University)
  10. Map cataloger's toolbox (Buffalo)
  11. Map librarian's toolbox (Western Assoc. of Map Libraries)

Graphic and three-dimensional

  1. Bibco MAP for Graphic Materials Adobe Portable Document File
  2. Bibco Supplemental Requirements (for digitized graphic materials) Adobe Portable Document File
  3. Manuscript visual materials (Beinecke)
  4. Non-projectable Visual Materials
  5. Yale Digital Collections
  6. Collections Collaborative: Print Metadata Seminar (LWL) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Mixed Materials

  1. Manuscript Cataloging: Guidelines for Collection-Level Records
  2. Mixed Materials Cataloging (Beinecke Library)

Cataloging Standards

Bibliographic Standard Record

  1. YUL and the BSR [Oct. 2010 update] update gif
  2. YUL and the BSR (PowerPoint slides)
  3. YUL and the BSR (Exercises with answers)
  4. Bibco Metadata Application Profiles (MAPs for Textual Material, Rare Books, Cartographic Material, Notated Music, Sound Recordings, Moving Image Materials, Graphic Materials, and Electronic Resources
  5. Draft Bibco Standard Record Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Monographic Resources Other than Leader/06=Computer File Materials (for computer files, see 4.)


  1. MFHD Policies & Procedures
  2. Authorized $k Stamps excel icon
  3. Standards for Recording Serial Volume Holdings
  4. Standards for Recording Serial Volume Holdings (Supplement)
  5. Multipart MFHD Guidelines

Minimal Level Cataloging

  1. Abbreviated Standard Record (SharePoint site)
  2. Maps
  3. Serial analytics
  4. Yale dissertations (archival copy) DRAFT
  5. Yale dissertations (microfilm copy) DRAFT

CONSER Standard Record

  1. CONSER Standard: What's New
  2. CONSER Standard SCCTP Training Slides Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. CONSER Standard Record Cheat Sheet

Electronic Resources

  1. Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media (OLAC)
  2. Provider Neutral e-Monograph MARC Record Guide (PCC)

Core Level Cataloging

Note: core level is still applied to non-print pending issuance of the pcc standard for each format. Apply the BSR standard above to printed materials.

  1. Yale Core Checklist
  2. Introduction to Yale Core Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Core Cheat Sheet


Acquisitions (General)

  1. Cancellations
  2. Editing of Vendor Fields in In-Process & Vendor Supplied Bibliographic Records (DRAFT)
  3. Vendor On-Order Records to be Overlaid
  4. Payment Records for Online Serial Resources
  5. Preliminary records
  6. Serial Analytics (Minimal Level Records for Monographic Series)

General Maintenance Policies & Procedures

  1. Policies for deletion, suppression and re-use of Orbis records
  2. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Library Materials (Item in Hand)
  3. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Missing and Unreturned Library Materials (Item Not in Hand)
  4. Withdrawal Policies & Procedures: What You Need to Know (LMC Presentation) Microsoft Word Document
  5. Item Record Withdrawal: Policies & Procedures Microsoft Word Document
  6. Editing MARC Record Files (Using MARCEdit) Microsoft Word Document

General Workflow Procedures

  1. General
  2. Copy Cataloging
  3. Series
  4. Series Tracing Policy for Cataloging Copy
  5. AACR2 2002 amendments & C&T workflow
  6. Searching Best Practices DRAFT
  7. Added Copies: Policies & Procedures
  8. Added Copy or New Record: Books
  9. Barcode placement guidelines Microsoft Word Document

SML Workflow


British Art


Economic Growth

Government Documents






  1. Memos
  2. Basic workstation skills
  3. Interpreting Acquisitions records (FAQ)
  4. CONSER Standard Record: Maintenance Guidelines for Acquisitions/Serial Support

  5. Backlog management
  6. Fixed fields Checklist for Books
  7. Use of Yale Law Library Bibliographic Records
  8. Standard Staff Notes & Abbreviations
  9. Glossary


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