Y Classification



Y11 - Y91                   General.  Administration.  Organization.  Catalogs


Yb                               Biography.  Collective


Yc                                Biography.  Individual


Yd                               History and description


Ye                                Student life and customs


Yg                                Undergraduate publications


Yh                                Alumni activities


Yj                                Freshman year


Yja                               Yale College


Yjb                              Sheffield Scientific School


Yjc - Yjm                     Professional schools, including Graduate School (Yjf)


Yl - Yn             Departments and institutions, including libraries (Yna - Ync)


Yp                               Allied organizations


Yr                                Miscellaneous memorabilia


Ys - Yzz                       Writings by Yalies


Yzz9                            Institutions and periodicals with which Yalies are connected

Y11 - Y91


General.  Administrative.  Organization.  Catalogs


Periodicals (see undergraduate publication Yg; Alumni publications Yh10; of various schools Yj;                        of Yale Publishing Association Ynt71)


Betts Collection            Broadsides


Y11                             Bibliography (general by date; individual A-Z, Yc for 2nd copies)


Y12                             Rules for printing


Y15                             Charter including Acts of the General Assembly of Connecticut respecting Yale College


Y16                             Books about the Charter


Y20                             Constitution and government, including name, seal, laws, etc.


                                                A11     Orders and appointments

                                                A12     Miscellaneous Laws

                                                A13     Laws in Latin

                                                A14     Laws in English


Y21                             Corporation (A11 - A29)


Y22                             Standing committees (A11 - A29)


Y24                             University committees and councils (A11 - A29)


Y26                             Yale faculty as administrative body


Y27                             Office of University Development


Y28                             Alumni Board (A1 - A9; cf. Yh)

Y11 - Y91 (cont’d)


General.  Administrative.  Organization.  Catalogs


Y31                             General and official reports (A11 -A59)


                                                Finance (B1 - B49 including Report of Treasurer [B1], Bureau of                                                          Appointments [B181 - B185], Endowment [B31], Scholarships and Prizes [B37], Salaries and pensions [B41]


                                                Secretary (C1 - C19 including Yale Association of Class          

Secretaries [C13])


                                                Deans (D1 - D3; now abolished)

                                                            See under Yale College and special schools


                                    E1        Office of Selective Service


                                    E2        Bureau for Foreign Nationals (now International Office)

Y11 - Y91 (cont’d)


Policy and Organization



Y51                 General: Aims, methods, etc.


Y52                 Early requirements (All- A29)


Y55                 Board of Admissions


Y56                 Registration, attendance, cuts, ect.


Y58                 Examinations


Y59                 Examinations for special courses


Y63                 Honor system


Y65**             Curriculum (A-Z; e.g. B1: History, G13: Latin, Q1 : Science)


Y69                 Miscellaneous concerts and lectures


Y71                 Lectures and concerts in series (A-Z; e.g. Lyman Beecher lectures [L97],

                        New Haven Symphony concerts [N45], Organ Recitals [Or5], Phi Beta Kappa

                        Caro; Society [P53], Sillman lectures [Si3], Woolsey Hall series [W8])


Y72                 Yale Extension courses (cf.  Yla Department of Education)


Y73                 Summer School (3 years, 1905-1907)



**Special scheme with symbol for subject as 2nd line number. For pamphlets, use 1 in 3rd line; for monographs, use date plus author initial.  General works on entire  curriculum use monograph notation as 2nd line.  subject traced should always be:

            1.  Yale University--Curricula--[subject]

            2. [Subject]--Study and teaching


                [Subject]--outlines, syllabi, etc.

Y11 - Y91 (cont’d)


Policy and Organization



Y75                 Degrees and honors, including individual diplomas

                                    see also individual schools


Y76                 Academic costume


Y81                 University catalogues (general only A1 - A9)


Y83                 Student directories


Y85                 Other directories (A1 - A9)

                                    But alumni directories Yb25; obituary record Yb65


Y87                 Time-tables, schedules, etc. (A11 - A29)


Y88                 Weekly Bulletin, etc.

                                    A3 Summer Calendar


Y91                 Publicity and press bulletins



Biography, Collective



Yb12               Presidents (Collectively) including group photographs


Yb13               Presidents (Individually) A - Z


Yb14               Faculty and Founders (Collectively)


Yb15               Faculty (Individually) A - Z [If Yale graduate put with class in Yc]


Yb17               Historical Register


Yb21               Alumni catalogues (A1 - A9)


Yb25               Alumni directories (general A1 - A9)


Yb26               Alumni directories of special colleges (A - Z)



Alumni directories of special schools:


Yb27               Sheffield


Yb28               Medical


Yb29               Divinity


Yb31               Law


Yb32               Graduate


Yb33               Fine Arts


Yb34               Music


Yb35               Forestry


Yb36               Nursing


Yb37               Engineering


Yb39               Drama

Yb (cont’d)


Biography, Collective (cont’d)



Yb61               Histories of alumni (e.g., Dexter’s)


Yb62               General biography including Yale men (e.g., Bronson’s Medical History)


Yb63               Books with biographical data on three or more Yale men


Yb64               Vital Statistics


Yb65               Obituaries


Yb70               General special: autograph and portrait collections nor restricted to class (e.g., Betts collection of portraits) A - Z by collector


Yb71               Class albums of autographs and photographs.  Arrange be class with compiler’s initials (cf Scrapbooks-- Yez)


Yb72               Sheffield School albums


Yb74               Divinity School albums


Yb75               Law School albums



Classbooks and class histories:


Yba1-Yba9      Freshman Year


Ybb                 Yale College (By class; e.g. 1961--Ybb.961 is class history; Ybb.961p are

minor pamphlets; Ybb.961x.970 is class directory; Ybb,961r.971 is ten-

reunion book)


Ybc                  Sheffield


Ybd                 Medical School (established 1812)


Ybe                  Divinity School (established 1822)


Ybf                  Law School (established 1824)


Ybg                  Graduate School (established)

Yb (con’t)


Classbooks and class histories (cont’d):


Ybh                  Fine Arts (established 1896)


Ybj                  Music School (established 1894)


Ybk                 Forestry School (established 1900)


Ybl                   Nursing School (established 1923)


Ybm                 Engineering (established 1933)         



































Biography, Individual

            (Includes portraits and genealogies of individuals; but presidents always Yb13 and

faculty members Yb15 or with class Yca - Ycz if Yale graduate)



Yca                  Yale College B.A. and Ph.B. (by class)


Ycb                  Sheffield Scietific School Ph.B. & B.S. (by class)


Ycc                  Doctors of Philosophy (A - Z)


Ycd                  Masters of Art (A - Z)


Yce                  Engineers (A - Z)


Ycf                   Masters of Science (A - Z)


Ycg                  Ex-graduates: special students, research fellows, etc. (A - Z)


Yci                   School of Medicine (by class)


Ycj                   School of Law; bachelors (by class)


Yck                  School of Law; higher degrees (A - Z)


Ycl                   Divinity School (by class)


Ycm                 School of Fine Arts including School of Drama until 1956 (by class)


Ycn                  School of Music (by class)


Ycp                  Forestry School (by class)


Ycr                  School of Nursing (by class)


Ycx                  Certificates (A - Z)


Ycz                  Yale benefactors (e.g., Elihu Yale; but Yb15 for Yale founders and fellows)



History and Description



Yda                  Comprehensive and modern, 1850-


Ydb                 Early to 1850


Ydc                  Comprehensive descriptive works (i.e., not historical in treatment; e.g., Welch’s

Yale her campus)





Ydd1               Relations to politics


Ydd2               Yale in American Revolution, Civil War, World War, etc.  (By date of war)

                                    (e.g., Ydd2.939 all material in World War II; +1 = pamphlets; +2 = minor                                publications of ASTP; A11 - A19 = Bureau of Military Information and other administrative agencies; A21 - A29 = U. S. Army & Air Force Training School, Yale University)


Ydd3               Yale Batteries


Ydd4               Civic relations (“Town & Gown,” etc.)


Ydd5               Relations to education, science, etc.


Ydd6               Relations to social problems


Ydd7               Drinking problems


Ydd8               Radio broadcasting and the like


Ydd9               Participations in Expositions



Ydf                  Reminiscences, diaries, etc. of life at Yale (by date)

                                    cf.  Yb71 (Autograph albums) and Yez (scrapbooks)


Ydh                  Comic histories, fiction, poetry, etc. about Yale (by date)


Ydj                  Guide-books and souvenir views, including hte Yale University Press Almanac

                                    (by date)

Yd (cont’d)


History and Description



Ydl                   Maps, views, building programs, etc. (by date)


Ydp                 Particular buildings, plans, etc. (A - Z; e.g., M51 Memorial Quadrangle)


Ydr                  Yale plate, china, jewelry, etc.


Ydx                  Places named after Yale (e.g.: Mt. Yale, Colorado)



Student Life and Customs



Yea                  General


Yec                  Finance

      1                Account books (by date)

      2                Self-support, etc. including student agencies (cf. Bureau of Appointments Y31 B18)

      9                Other special topics ( cf, Yja31.B14 for student rooms)


Yed                 Athletics


        1                      History- Comprehensive & modern, 1850-

        2                      Early to 1850

        3                      Yale University Athletic Association

        35                    Board if Athletic Control

        37                    Yale University Athletic Comm

        38                     Inter-College Athletic Council

        4                       Athletic clubs and associations (A-Z)

        5                       Particular sports (A-Z) e.g. Football F7

                                   cf.Ynp17 (gymnastic exhibitions)

        7                       Non-athletic games (e.g. chess)


Yeg                 Clubs & Greek-Letter societies


        1                       National; Yale chapter (A-Z)

        2                       Local secret societies   (A-Z)

        3                       Dramatic societies (A-Z ; e.g. :D7 Dramatic Association)

        4                       Musical clubs including Yale University band (A-Z)

        5                       Debating clubs (A-Z e.g. : B7 Brothers in Unity;

                                      L6 Linonian Society)

        7                       Literary & philological clubs (A-Z; e.g. : E3 Elizabethan)

        8                       Other clubs (A-Z; e.g. : Ae8 Yale Aeronautical Society; but

                                      cf Yed4 (Athletic clubs) and cf.Yp19 (Faculty Club))

        9                        Preparation school clubs i.e. Andover, Exeter, etc.   (A-Z)


                                           See also special professional clubs under the

                                   professional school; e.g. : Forest Club Yjk92







                                      Student life and customs (continued)



Yeh                       Religious activities

                                  ( cf. Ynr Church of Christ Yale University)



         1                   General special (compulsory chapel, etc.)

         12                  Bibles

         3                    Yale University Christian Association

         35                  Yale University Christian Association at Dwight

         37                  Yale University Christian Association at International

                                Student Center

         5                    Yale Hope Mission

         7                     Clubs (A-Z; e.g.  B Berkeley Association)



Yej                      Special activities

                                (A-Z; e.g. ; V6 Yale Volunteer Services Council)


        5                      Yale songs and music

        7                       Social aspects: plays, dances, etc.


Yek                  Special days and events (A-Z; e.g. : T3 Thanksgiving jubilee)


      1                  Freshman

      2                  Sophomore

      3                  Junior

      4                  Senior


Yeg              Presentation day (A1-9) 


Yem             Class days (by school; under each All program, A12 Valedictory

                           address, etc.)

11                 College

12                 Sheffield

13                 Medicine

14                 Divinity

15                 Law

16                 Fine Arts

17                 Music

18                 Forestry

19                 Nursing

                                            Student life and customs (continued)                         Yen-Yez


                                 Special days and events (continued)


Yen                   Commencement (All Official program, etc)


Yep                   Convocation in honor of noted persons (by date)

                          cf.  Yjd73 for Convocations of Divinity School                 


Yer                    Presidential inaugurations        (by date)


Yet                    Other (A-Z; e.g. : Al-2 Alumni Day)

                              B4 Bicentennial


Yeu                    Faculty teas, President’s receptions, etc.


Yex                    Yale’s relations to other universities and institutions

                               i.e. Attendance at anniversary celebrations, etc. but

                               cf. Yt for published collections issued in honor of

                               another university.


Yez              Miscellaneous: scrapbooks and other collected material

                                   (by class ) but autograph albums Yb71 and diaries Ydf
























                                                  Undergraduate publications                             Yg

                                                     (cf. Yja43 for publications by the colleges.

                                                       cf. Ys-Yz for writings by Yale graduates)


Yg11                            Annuals (A-Z; e.g. Yale Banner)


Yg15                            Periodicals (A-Z; e.g.: N47 Yale Daily News)


Yg17                            Annuals for students (e.g.: Yale man’s guide book)


Yg19                            Non serials (e.g.: Yale Record Book of Verse)

                                          cf. Ydh for poetry and fiction about Yale



Alumni activities

                                                                        cf. Y28 Alumni Advisory Board



Yh10                Alumni periodicals, etc. (i.e. Yale Alumni Weekly but df. Ynt71 for Yale Review

                                    under Yale Publishing Association)


Yha                  Associations & graduate clubs. General

                                    but cf. Yp 21 Graduates Club


      11                          Yale Alumni Association


      12                          Alumni University Fund Association

                                                but cf. Y31.C13 Yale Association of Class Secretaries


      21                          Others (A-Z; e.g.: B6 Yale Club of Boston; C44 Yale Alumni Association

                                                of China; W5 Association of Western Yale Clubs)


      24                          Groups of Alumni by profession (e.g. Yale Engineering Association;

                                                Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine)


      27                          Preparatory clubs (e.g. Yale Club at Springfield; an alumni movement

                                                with prep students)


      29                          Special activities (A-Z; e.g.: N2 National Yale Alumni Placement Service)



Freshman Year



Yj10                Periodicals (cf. Yg Undergraduate publications)


Yj11                Bibliography


Yj31                Administration


      A2                         Reports of the dean


      A27                       Counselors


      B14                        Rooms


      B37                        Scholarships, prizes, fellowships, etc.

                                                cf. Y31.B37


Yj51                Policy and organization; general including history


Yj61                Special: rules, regulations, etc.


Yj65                Courses of study


Yj71                Lectures limited to Freshmen (A-Z; e.g.: T3 Ralph Hill Thomas memorial


                                    cf. Y71 for General University lectures


Yj75                Honors


Yj81                Catalogs, etc. (A1-9)

                                    Cf. Yg17 Student handbook (Undergraduate publications)

                                    Cf. Yba Freshman yearbook (Collective biography)


Yj83                Directories; lists of instructors, classes, etc. (A11-19)


Yj91                Clubs (Freshmen only; cf. Yeg Clubs under student life)



Yale College

(Works dealing with College since its division into separate school of the University)



Yja10               Periodicals (A-Z; cf. Yg Undergraduate publications)


Yja11               Bibliography


Yja31               Administration; general reports (A1-9)


      B1                          Special

      B14                        Rooms

      B37                        Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (A-Z)

                                                (If not restricted to College see Y31.B37)

      C65                       Coeducation


Yja41               College Plan (A1-9: official reports)


Yja43               Individual Colleges (A-Z; e.g.: T4 Timothy Dwight)


Yja51               General, including history

                                    (Note: Works dealing with early history of the University when college was entire organization, are to be classed with general University in Yd)


Yja57               Exams and tests (within year’s course)


Yja61               Special; laws, rules, etc.


Yja65               Curriculum; courses of study (A11-19)


Yja71               Lectures (cf. Y71 University lectures)


Yja75               Honors and Degrees


Yja81               Catalogs, etc.


Yja83               Timetables, schedules, etc. (A11-19)


Yja85               Directories (limited to College. A11-29)


Yja99               Miscellaneous printed forms


                                    (Classbooks Ybb)

                                    (Clubs Yeg)

                                    (Laboratories Yng)

                                    (Libraries Yna)


Sheffield Scientific School


Yjb10              Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjb11              Bibliographies


Yjb21              Government


Yjb22              Sheffield  trustees (A11-29)


Yjb31              Administration; general reports (A1-29)

      B1                          Special

      B14                        Rooms

      B37                        Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (A-Z)


Yjb51              General policy & organization, including history


Yjb54              Entrance requirements


Yjb57              Examinations


Yjb61              Rules, regulations, etc.


Yjb65              Curriculum (cf. Y65)


Yjb69              Individual addresses


Yjb71              Lectures, etc. (A-Z)


Yjb75              Degrees and honors. Theses


Yjb81              Catalogs, etc.


Yjb83              Timetables, calendars, etc.


Yjb85              Directories (cf. Yb27 Alumni directories)


Yjb95              Exhibitions


Yjb99              Miscellaneous printed forms


                                    (Classbooks Ybc)

                                    (Clubs Yeg)

                                    (Laboratories Yng)

                                    (Libraries Ynb11-19)


School of Medicine


Yjc10               Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjc11               Bibliography


Yjc31               Administration. Official reports (A1-29)

      B1                          Special

      B14                        Rooms, lodgings

      B37                        Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (A-Z)


Yjc51               General policy & organization, including history


Yjc54               Admissions (cf. Y58 for entrance examinations)


Yjc57               Examinations (cf. Y58 for entrance examinations)


Yjc61               Special laws, rules, etc.


Yjc65               Curriculum


Yjc71               Lectures, etc. (A-Z)


Yjc75               Degrees & Honors


Yjc79               Clinics (cf. Ya95 and Yc95)


Yjc81               Catalogs


Yjc83               Timetables, schedules, etc.  (A11-29)


Yjc85               Directories (cf. Yb28 for alumni directories)


Yjc91               National clubs (A-Z)


Yjc92               Local clubs (A-Z; c.f. Yha for Alumni clubs)


Yjc93               Special topics (A-Z; e.g.: N3 New Haven Hospital)


Yjc95               Exhibitions

Yjc99               Miscellaneous printed forms


                                    (Classbooks Ybd)

                                    (Libraries Ynb20-27)


Divinity School

(for 3 years School of Religion)

 Yjd10             Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjd11              Bibliography


Yjd31              Administration. Official reports (A1-29)

      B1                          Special

      B14                        Rooms

      B37                        scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yjd51             General policy & organization, including history


Yjd54             Admission. Requirements


Yjd65             Curriculum


Yjd69             Individual lectures; addresses to faculty or students


Yjd71             Lectures (A-Z)


Yjd73             Annual convocation (All-19)


Yjd75             Degrees & Honors


Yjd81             Catalog, etc. (Al-29)


Yjd83             Timetables, schedules, etc.


Yjd85             Directories (Alumni directories Yb29)


Yjd91             National clubs   (A-Z)


Yjd92             Local clubs (A-Z)


Yjd93             Special topics (e.g. : Code of ethics; A-Z)


                                  (Classbooks Ybe)

                                   (Libraries Ynb30-38)


                                           School of Law                                 Yje


Yje10                  Periodicals (A-Z)


Yje11                  Bibliography


Yje31                  General administration.  Official reports (Al-39)

         B1               Special


         B37             Scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yje51                   General policy & organization, including history


Yje54                    Admission    


Yje57                    Examinations


Yje61                    Regulations


Yje65                    Curriculum, including graduate courses in law


Yje69                    Single lectures


Yje71                    Lectures (A-Z)


Yje75                     Degrees & Honors


Yje81                     Catalogs, etc.


Yje83                     Summer session


Yje84                     Timetables, schedules, etc.


Yje85                     Directories (but Alumni directories Yb31)


Yje91                     National clubs (A-Z)


Yje92                     Local clubs (A-Z)


Yje93                     Special topics (e.g.: bar examinations, mock trials, etc.; A-Z)


                                                (Classbooks Ybf)

                                                (Alumni clubs Yha24)

                                                (Libraries Ynb40-47)

                                                            Graduate School                                               Yjf



Yjf10               Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjf11               Bibliography


Yjf31               Administration. Official reports (A1-A39)

      B1                    Special

      B14                  Rooms

      B37                  Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (cf. Y31.B37)


Yjf51               Policy & organization, including history


Yjf54               Requirements for admission


Yjf61               Regulations


Yjf71               Curriculum (A-Z) by Yale’s class letters, but lay Yje65)


Yjf75               Degrees and Honors


Yjf81               Catalogs, etc. (A11-69)


Yjf83               Timetables, schedules, etc.


Yjf85               Directories (Alumni directories Yb32)


Yjf93               Summer institutes


Yjf98               Clubs (A-Z; but Graduate Men’s Club Yjf31.B14)


Yjf99               Miscellaneous printed forms

                                                School of the Fine Arts                                     Yjg



Yjg10               Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjg11               Bibliography


Yjg31               Administration. Official reports (A1-9)

      B1                    Special

      B37                  Scholarships, prizes, fellowships (A-Z)


Yjg51               General policy & organization, including history


Yjg54               Requirements for admission


Yjg61               Rules, regulations


Yjg65               Curriculum


Yjg71               Lectures


Yjg75               Degrees and Honors


Yjg81               Catalogs, etc.


Yjg85               Directories (Alumni directories Yb33)


Yjg91               Clubs & societies (A-Z; e.g.: A8 Associates in Fine Arts)


Yjg93               Collections (A-Z; e.g.: J29 Jarves collection)


Yjg95               Exhibitions


Yjg96               Summer schools (A-Z: e.g. N7 Norfolk Summer School; Su64 Summer School of

                              Music and Art)


Yjg97               Dept of Drama (now School of Drama cf Yjn; Drama library Ynb66)


Yjg99               Miscellaneous printed forms


                              (Library Ynb60-66)

                              (Classbooks Ybh)





                                                     School of Music                                Yjh


Yjh10                     Periodicals   (A-Z)


Yjh11                     Bibliographies


Yjh31                     Administration.  Official reports (A1-29)


         B1                     Special


         B37                   Scholarships, prizes, fellowships 


Yjh51                     Policy & organization, including history


Yjh54                     Requirements for admission


Yjh71                     Lectures, recitals, etc. ( but New Haven Symphony

                                      concerts Y71)


Yjh75                     Degrees and Honors


Yjh81                     Catalogs (A1-9)


Yjh85                      Directories (Alumni directories Yb34)


Yjh91                      Clubs and Societies (A-Z) 


Yjh93                      Special topics (A-Z; e.g. : N7 Norfolk Music School)




                                         (Libraries Ynb70-76)


                                          (Classbooks Ybj)













                                                       School of Forestry                                       Yjk


Yjk10                        Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjk11                        Bibliographies


Yjk31                        Administration.  Official reports (A1-9)


          B1                       Special


          B37                      Scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yjk51                         Policy & organization, including history


Yjk65                         Curriculum


Yjk71                          Lectures, etc.


Yjk75                          Degrees and Honors


Yjk81                          Catalogs. etc.


Yjk83                          Timetables, schedules, etc.


Yjk85                           Directories (Alumni directories Yb35)


Yjk91                           National clubs (A-Z)


Yjk92                           Local clubs (A-Z)


Yjk93                           Special topics (A-Z; e.g. : Marsh Botanical Gardens M3;

                                          S9 Summer camp)


Yjk99                           Miscellaneous printed forms



                                            (Class books Ybk)


                                             (Libraries Ynb80-86)           






                                              School of Nursing                                     Yjl


Yjl10                      Periodicals  (A-Z)


Yjl11                      Bibliographies


Yjl31                      Administration. Official reports (A1-9)


        B1                       Special


        B14                     Rooms


        B37                     Scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yjl51                     Policy & organization, including history


Yjl54                     Admission


Yjl61                     Rules, laws, etc.


Yjl65                     Curriculum


Yjl71                     Lectures


Yjl75                     Degrees and Honors


Yjl81                     Catalogs, etc.  (A-9)


Yjl85                     Directories (Alumni directories Yb36)


Yjl91                     National clubs (A-Z)


Yjl93                     Local clubs (A-Z)


Yjl99                     Miscellaneous printed forms  



                                            (Class books Ybl)

                                             (Libraries Ynb90-95)    








                                          School of Engineering (1932)                             Yjm


Yjm10                    Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjm11                    Bibliography


Yjm31                    Administration. Official reports (A1-9)


          B1                   Special


          B14                  Rooms


          B37                  Scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yjm51                     Policy & organization, including history


Yjm61                     Rules, regulations, etc.


Yjm65                     Curriculum


Yjm71                     Lectures


Yjm75                     Degrees and Honors


Yjm81                     Catalogs (A1-29)


Yjm92                      Clubs (A-Z)


Yjm93                      Special topics (exhibitions, etc.0


Yjm99                      Miscellaneous printed forms



                                             (Class books Yjm)

                                             (Libraries Ynb96-98)  











                                                    School of Drama (1955)                                                       Yjn

                                                    (Before 1955 Yjg97)



Yjn10               Periodicals (A-Z)


Yjn11               Bibliography


Yjn31               Administration. Official reports (A1-9)

      B1                    Special

      B14                  Rooms

      B37                  Scholarships, prizes, fellowships


Yjn51               Policy & organization, including history


Yjn54               Admission


Yjn81               Catalogs (A1-9)


Yjn91               Clubs (A-Z: e.g.: A8 Associates of the UniversityTheatre)


Yjn95               Programs and announcements of plays



School of Management (1994 -   )


[School of Organization and Management, 1976-1994]



Yjp10              Periodicals


Yjp31              Administration, Official reports


Yjp51              Policy & organization including history


Yjp65              Curriculum

                                                                        Departments and Institutions                                         Yla - Ylm



Yl                     Department of Education (Graduate School)


Yla10                     Periodicals

      11                    Bibliography

      31                    Administration. Official reports (A1-9)

      51                    General, including history

      65                    Curriculum

      71                    Lectures

      81                    Catalogs, etc.

      91                    Clubs

      95                    Yale Psycho-Clinic  (became Clinic of Child Development Ylc95)


                        Institute of Psychology (became Dept. of Psychology in Institute of Human

                              Relations Ylc)


Ylb81                     Announcements


                        Institute of Human Relations


Ylc10                     Periodicals

      31                    Administration. Official reports (A1-9)

      51                    General , including history

      81                    Catalogs

      93                    Clubs

      95                    Clinic of Child Development

      96                    Child Study Center (1948)

Yld                   Afro-American Studies

Yle                   East Asian Studies

Ylf                    Anthropology

Yli                    Italian Studies

Ylj                    Judaic Studies


Departments and Institutions (continued)


                        Department of Microbiology

Ylm10              Periodicals (A-Z)         

Ylp       British Art Center



Ylr10                     Economic Growth Center

Ylr13                     Bureau of Highway Traffic

Ylr14                     Institute of Far Eastern Languages

Ylr15                     Institute of International Studies

Ylr16                     Judaic Research on the Rabinowitz Foundation

Ylr17                     Labor and Management Center

Ylr18                     Cowles Foundation

Ylr19                     Economic Growth Center (A11-19)

Ylr21                     Human Relations Area Files

Ylr25                     National Research Council - Yale Aeromedical Research Unit

Ylr29                     Institute for Social and Political Studies

Ylr31                     Antilles Research Program

Ylr32                     Center for International and Area Studies

Yls                   Department of Slavic Languages and Literature

Ylsa                       Institute of Sacred Music




Yna10                    Periodicals, etc.

      11                    Bibliography

      13                    Administration & organization. Official reports (A1-9)

      14                    Rules, regulations, specimen forms, etc.

      15                    History & Description (cf. Ydp Buildings)

Departments and Institutions

Libraries (continued)


      16                    Catalogs

      17                    Classification

      19                    Staff Association

      21                    Miscellaneous; lists of gifts, notices, appeals, funds, special collecting, guides to subject matter.

      25                    Exhibitions

      29                    Special collections (A-Z; e.g.: Am3 Yale Collection of American Literature; L6 L & B)

      31                    Books acquired at an early date before 1800, but too late for the 1742 library

      32                    Individual items in the Yale library

      33                    Bibliographical Press

      35                    Library clubs and societies (A-Z; e.g.: A7 Yale Library Associates; J2 Jared Eliot Association)

      37                    Special topics - Classed here: Selective book return program

Ynb11-19        Sheffield Scientific School

                        School of Medicine

Ynb20                    Periodicals & Official reports

      21                    General Library

      25                    Associates of the Yale Medical Library

      27                    Historical Library

                        Divinity School

Ynb30                    Periodicals

      31                    General

      36                    Day Missions Library

      37                    Sneath

      38                    Trowbridge

                        Law School

Departments and Institutions

Libraries (continued)


Ynb40                    Periodicals (A-Z)

      41                    General

      46                    Cole


Ynb47                    Wheeler

                        Art School

Ynb60                    Periodicals

      61                    General; reports, history, lists, etc.


Ynb66              School of Drama


















                                                    Departments and Institutions                Yn

                        School of Music

Ynb10                  Periodicals

        71                 General

         76                 Special (A-Z: e.g. : M3 Lowell Mason)


                       Forestry School

Ynb80                  Periodicals

       81                  General

       86                   Special


                       School of Nursing

Ynb90                   Periodicals

        91                  General

        92                   Special


                         School of Engineering

Ynb96                     Periodicals

       97                     General

       98                      Special

Ync                  Other libraries (A-Z; e.g. : B7 Brandford College; Classical

                             Club; Ec7 Economic Growth Center; G25 Geology Library;

                              p75 Political Science Research Library, etc.)

Ynd                    University collections & Exhibitions (not belonging to special

                              departments )

      A11-19         General

      A2- Z            Special (e.g. : B1 Babylon Collection; C8 Numismatic

                               Collection; P8 Portraits; St35 Morris Steinert

                                Collection of Musical Instruments; St64 Rebecca

Darlington Stoddard Collection of Vases)


                                            Departments and Institutions

                                                 Institutions (continued)                                     Yne - Ynj


            Peabody Museum of Natural History

                 ( including Bingham Laboratory; cf Ycz for life of Peabody)

Yne10                Periodicals

       11                Bibliography

       21                Trustees

       31                 Administration & organization. Official reports

       51                History & description

       71                Lectures

       74                Miscellaneous publications

       78                Special collections (a-Z; e.g. : B5 Bingham Oceanographic

                                Collection; M3 Marsh collection)

       81                 Children’s Department (School Service Dept. )

       83                  Associates


                                                         (Libraries Ync)


                            Astronomical Observatory

Ynf10                            Periodicals

        11                          Bibliography

        13                          Administration & organization. Official reports

        15                          History & description

        17                          Lectures

        18                          Miscellaneous publications

        19                          Special collections (A-Z)

                                                (Libraries Ync)


Yng                      Laboratories (A-Z; e.g.: A5 Analytical Laboratory; In8 Interaction Laboratory

                                    (Dept. of Sociology); P542 Yale Center of Alchohol Studies (Applied Physiology)


Ynh                      Yale Computer Center


Ynj            Osborn Zoological Lab.

                                                            Departments and Institutions (continued)                                   Ynk - Ynr


                        R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officer Training Corps)

Ynk10                          Official reports

      15                          General


                        Office for Selective Service & Veterans Affairs

Ynk50                          Official reports

      51                          General


Ynl15               Student Army Training Corps (cf Ydd Yale in World War)


                        N.R.O.T.C. (Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps)

Ynl50                           Periodicals

      51                          General


                        Department of University Health

Ynm10                   Periodicals

      11                          Bibliography

      13                          Administration & organization. Official reports

      15                          History and description

      17                          Special topics (A-Z; e.g.: I4 Infirmary; P9 Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene

                                                Division; but University Clinic Yjc93)


                        University Gymnasium

Ynp10                          Periodicals

      13                          Administration & organization. Official reports

      15                          History and description

      17                          Special topics (A-Z; e.g.: E4 Gymnastic exhibitions; cf. Yed5)


                        Church of Christ in Yale University

Ynr10                          Periodicals

      11                          Bibliography

      13                          Official reports

      15                          History and description

      16                          University preachers

      17                          University sermons

      18                          Battell Chapel (cf Yeh)

                                                                                    Institutions (continued)                                      Yns - Ynx


                        Yale University Press

Yns10                          Periodicals

      11                          Bibliography

      31                          Administration & organization. Official reports

      51                          History and description

      61                          Catalogs, lists of books, announcements

      71                          Specimens of printing, etc.

      76                          Series published by the Press (A-Z; e.g.: C46 Chonicles of America; P14

                                                Pageant of America; Y2 Yale Shakespeare)


Yns85              Company of College Printers


                        Yale Publishing Association

Ynt31                           Administration & organization. Official reports

      51                          History and description

      71                          Publications (A-Z; e.g.: R3 Yale review; but cf. Yh10 Yale Alumni



Ynu                  Yale University Far Eastern Publications, inc.


Ynx                  Other (A-Z; e.g.: P7 Campus Police; P8 Yale Post Office; T2 Telephone


                                                Allied Organizations                                                      Yp - Yr


Yp10               Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu


Yp11               American Oriental Society


Yp12               Berkeley Divinity School


Yp13               Brick Row Book Shop


Yp14               Betsy Ross Nursery School


Yp15               Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences


Yp16               Forest History Society


Yp17               Expeditions (A-Z; e.g.: D9 Dura-Europos)


Yp18               Travel trips arranged for Yale students


Yp19               Faculty Club


Yp21               Other clubs (A-Z; e.g.: F77 Forty-Two Club; G7 Graduate Club Association; Y2

                                    Yale Dames; but cf. Yeg7.E3 Elizabethan Club)


Yp23               John B. Pierce Foundation


Yp25               Mory’s Association


Yp27               Yale Graduate Placement Bureau, Inc.


Yp29               Yale Co-Operative Corporation


Yp30               Yale Savings League


Yp31               Whitlock’s, inc.


Yp32               Saint Thomas More House & Chapel


Yp37               Yale-in-China


Yp43               Yale-Reid Hall Summer seasons in Paris


Yp51               Meetings of learned societies at Yale (A-Z; e.g.: M7 Modern Language


                                                Allied Organizations (continued)                                    Yp - Yr


Yp61               American Studies at Yale for foreign students


Yp62               Yale Foreign Student Institute


Yp91               Books marked “Yale edition”


Yr                    Miscellaneous Yale memorabilia to be kept intact (e.g.: Hamil gift)

                                                Writings of Yalies                                     Ys-Yz



Ys                    Serial Collections (A-Z: e.g.: B47 Yale Bicentennial Publications;

                        En3 Yale Studies in English; P69 YAle Plays)


Yta-Ytm           Monograph collections by Faculty (cf. scheme Yba-Ybm)


Yx-Yxz            Books owned  by Yalies (divide as in Yz)


Yz                    Yale College (i.e. B>A> or Ph.B. by class)


Yza                  Sheffield  Scientic School (by class)


Yzb                  Doctors of Philosophy (A-Z)


Yzc                  Masters of Arts (A-Z)


Yzd                  Engineers (A-Z)


Yze                  Masters of Science (A-Z)


Yzf       Ex-graduates (A-Z)


Yzh                  Medicine (by class)


Yzi       Law: Bachelors (by class)


Yzj       Law:  Masters;  Doctors; Doctors of Civil Law


Yzk                  Divinity (by class)


Yzl       Art (by class)


Yzm                 Music (by class)


Yzn                  Forestry (by class)


Yzp                  School of Nursing (by class)


Yzr       Certificates (A-Z)


Yzy                  Honorary Degrees (A-Z)


Yzz                  Writings of faculty and officers who have no Yale degree

                              (i.e. President Clap; A-Z)


Yzz9                Institutions and periodicals with which Yalies are connected

                                                (A-Z; e.g.: Am35 American Journal of Science; B6 Yale editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell; C23 Carol Society, New Haven; P38 Penny Poems; P4 Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.; Q2 Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol; Y2 Yale Western Americana series)