Yale Dissertations: Cataloging of Microfilm Copy at Minimal-level

For: SML dissertation cataloging supervisor and staff
By: Steven Arakawa
Date: (4/02/2003 creation date/ 06/16/2004 4:50 PM revision date)

These updates take place after the archival copy has been updated to full cataloging and the microfilm reel has been received in Cataloging. It is generally helpful to have in hand a copy of the Yale Registrar's list for the semester represented by the microfilm reels.


File a slip in the FILM D shelflist (NOT THE FILM B SHELFLIST)  to hold the number. Include author, title, and year; your initials and date filed. Just the title in subfield a is sufficient; don't bother to record the subtitle or the statement of responsibility.

TIP: Reels generally come in alphabetical order, and working through them in that order allows you to follow the sequence of the Registrar's list. Call number slips file in numerical order, so identify the first number you will assign and then assign the rest in numerical order. This will allow you to create slips in batches. Annotate the box or each citation on the list so you know what number to use in MFHD.


245 1 0 ‡a Genetic variation and linkage disequilibrium in the human alcohol dehydrogenase genes ‚h [microform] : ‡b implications of the evolutionary history of a gene family in humans / ‡c by Michael Vernon Osier.







Osier, Michael Vernon.

Genetic variation and linkage disequilibrium in the human alcohol dehydrogenase genes. 2002.


NOTE: Slip does not have to be typed.


Search Orbis by title. Two records should be retrieved:

  • a minimal-level level record for the archival copy
  • a preliminary record for the microfilm

For an example, click here.

Click on SELECT ALL and then the OK button to open windows for both copies.

Click on the WINDOW menu and select TILE to display the windows for the 2 copies side by side. Maximize the Voyager window for best results. The display should look like this: click here.

Make sure you can distinguish between the archival window and the preliminary microfilm window.


Update the preliminary record. Follow this procedure if the Voyager template was used to create the preliminary record. (Record will have a 533 field and the 007 fixed fields will have been created)

  1. In the Leader, change the Encoding Level from 5 to 7
  2. The 008 and 007 fixed fields may be left as is
  3. If necessary, update the 100 field on the preliminary record to match the 100 field on the cataloged archival copy record. The 100 field in the prelim record was based on the Registrar list and may not reflect the actual form of the name on the title page.The 100 should match the statement of responsibility form unless the heading has already been established.
  4. Update the 245 and 300 fields to match the 245/300 of the archival copy record. You can either copy and paste data from the archival to the preliminary record fields, or copy the entire 245/300 fields and paste them into the preliminary record, and then delete the old 245/300 fields. If you do the latter, be sure to re-enter $h [microform] in 245, and be sure the fields are in the correct order.
  5. Double check the dates in the 260, 533 (dates in 533 may differ if the thesis was submitted in December) and 008
  6. Enter the UMI number in the UMI 690 field
  7. Delete the 690 YALE DISSERTATION BEING FILMED AT UMI ... field

If the in-process record was not created using the Voyager template and there is only an lsf "On order" MFHD (there should be no item record and no Acquisitions line item), then suppress the in-process record (both the MFHD and the BIB record) and create a new record using the Preliminary Diss Mic.tem template. Update the record following the checklist above. Have the suppressed record deleted(Be sure to record the Orbis no.)

When editing is complete, close the archival copy record and save the updated preliminary record to the Orbis database by clicking on the Sailboat.


In the ExportQ window, make sure OCLC, RLIN, and MARS are checked and click on the SEND button.


Retrieve the MFHD and update as indicated.

852 8 0 ‡b smlmic ‡h Film ‡i D<shelf number>

(If a new record was created at the time of cataloging using the preliminary microfilm record template, a new MFHD is created rather than retrieved)


Write the call number on the box in pencil. Microtext staff will create the box label.

Leave reel(s) on the Microtext pickup shelf in the Catalog Dept.


Voyager leader window

Voyager 008

Voyager 007

Voyager bibliographic record

Voyager MFHD

WebVoyage view















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