Individual Literary Authors Publishing from 2001

For: Policy and Documentation Group
By: Steven Arakawa
Date: (05/16/01 creation date/ 01/03/2003 11:07 AM revision date)

The Library of Congress has begun to create ranges of numbers for literary authors who begin to publish for the first time from 2001. Original catalogers should apply those ranges if the item cataloged is 2001 or later, the author is new to Orbis, and there is no evidence that the author has published before. Search RLIN if necessary to verify. Copy catalogers should accept these numbers if found on LC or member copy and report if the number conflicts with a number previously assigned at Yale.

Up to now, the Arts & Sciences team practice has been to "establish" the author cutter for new authors by filing a slip in the appropriate file in the manual shelflist.

With the recon project substantially complete, filing a temp slip in the physical shelflist for the LC ranges for authors published before 2001 is now optional. The call number index of Web Voyage is now the shelflist of record.

Since there is no possibility of duplicating an author cutter for any author assigned to the new 2001 ranges, it has not been the practice to file slips in the manual shelflist for authors assigned to these ranges. The author cutter will be considered "established" upon its first use in Orbis.

For convenience, a list of all known 2001 individual literary author ranges is recorded on this page. When known, guide cards have been filed in the manual shelflist to notify catalogers that temp filing will not be done for the appropriate 2001 ranges. With manual shelflisting now optional, this practice will be discontinued.

IMPORTANT:  If at all possible, do not modify the author cutter of an 050 number for any author within a 2001 range. If we have assigned a number that later conflicts with LC, we will consider reclassing our title to remain consistent or create a dummy record with instructions to use the LC number.

Original catalogers: please notify me of new ranges as you encounter them and I will post to this page.

Copy catalogers: please check with someone who has access to ClassPlus if you have a 2001 publication date and the number appears to be new to the shelflist.

Ranges identified:

PC3942.4-436 Individual Catalan authors publishing from 2001.
PQ2700-2726. Individual French authors publishing from 2001.

PQ4900-4926. Individual Italian authors publishing from 2001.

PQ6700-6726. Individual Spanish authors publishing from 2001.

PR6100-6126. Individual English authors publishing from 2001.

PS3600-3626. Individual American authors publishing from 2001.

PT2700-2728. Individual German authors publishing from 2001  NEW

PT5882-5882.36. Individual Dutch authors publishing from 2001. (Table P-PZ29) NEW


Belletristic call numbers (SML)















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