More Information on "hands-off" Bib Records (ExportQ)

To: Technical Services Staff (YULCAT-L)
From: Manon Théroux
Date: (10/13/2005 creation date/ 04/05/2006 11:23 AM revision date)

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:57:20 -0400
From: Manon Theroux <>
Subject: [Yulcat-l] more information on "hands-off" bib records

Dear technical services staff,

Just a couple of things to add to Melissa's message about the resumption of MARS processing and the loading of Near East and Judaica records from RLG. Supervisors, please forward this message to any staff members who edit bib "finished" bib records in Orbis who are not subscribed to YULCAT-L.

1. First, a reminder that if you see an ExportQ warning message when you retrieve a bib record in Orbis cataloging:

-- the bib record should not be edited, suppressed, or deleted
-- changes to the item and holdings records are okay

If you disregard the warning, any changes that you make to the bib record will be wiped out when the Orbis record is later overlaid by the MARS version of the record (i.e., if you've made edits, they will disappear; if you've suppressed the record, it will revert to unsuppressed; if you've deleted the record, it will reappear with a new record ID number).

2. Second, there will be no ExportQ warning for one category of Orbis bib records that will also be temporarily off-limits:

-- bib records that were created in RLIN before Oct. 17 for materials in the Near East and Judaica collections. Staff should not edit, suppress, or delete these bib records. Changes to item and holdings records are okay.

Once we load the RLG bib records into Orbis, overlaying the current records, these Orbis bib records will once again be available for editing.

Let me know if you have any questions. If anyone would like a brief refresher on how ExportQ works, I'd be happy to do that.


Melissa Wisner wrote:
IS&P has been given the go ahead from Cataloging to resume sending Orbis Bib records out to MARS/Backstage for Authority Control processing. This activity had been suspended earlier this year, during the test of Backstage, and our goal is to have the backlog of approximately 80,000 Bib records loaded back into Orbis by the start of December.  Orbis Catalog client/Export Q users will once again notice the designation of "records in red" when using the client.  These records should not be worked on by staff while they are out for MARS processing.

Additionally, IS&P is anticipating approximately 140,000 records from RLG representing the Hebraica and Near East collections.  Thanks to the commitment of ITS, we are anticipating that this data will also be loaded into Orbis by the start of December, to update these records with non-roman scripts.


Manon Théroux
Authority Control Librarian
Catalog Department, SML, 2-8376


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