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New Shelflisting & YUL Core


To: Technical Services Staff
From: Steven Arakawa
Date: (Feb. 11 2008 issue date/ 02/22/2008 11:36 AM revision date)

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 12:21:26 -0500

To: Catalog Discussion List <>
From: Steven Arakawa <>
Subject: [Yulcat-l] PowerPoint presentations for Shelflisting/Core

The PowerPoint presentations for "Sheflisting: Time for Changes" and "Introduction to Yale Core" have been added to the Tools & Resources: Training/Professional Development page for Cataloging at Yale. From the page, find the Training section, the presentations are items 11. and 19.

Cataloging at Yale/Tools and Resources: Training/Professional Development page:

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Anyone who has attended one of the workshops last week (or this morning) and has practiced the exercises can start applying the new procedures, provided that your responsibilities fall into one of the appropriate categories. If you catalog in one of the categories described in the presentation and have not attended one of the workshops, please go through the slides with your supervisor before you begin cataloging.

Supervisors/unit heads: particularly for special collections, additional data/variable fields can be required for the unit's core level cataloging if it is important for your primary users and special collections can identify different class ranges requiring Cutter collocation, again depending on the type of collection. Be sure to discuss with your staff any additional requirements.

Based on questions raised at some of the presentations, it might be helpful if catalogers review the Yale policies for name and series authority records, which we will apply to core records (just as we have to full records):

Inevitably there will be questions on policies and procedures that were not anticipated in the workshops. I'll be happy to field questions, but please consider as well the chairs of the task forces on shelflisting and core-level cataloging as resources.

Tatiana Barr (Shelflisting)

Larry Heiman (Core)

Feedback can also be directed to your unit's CCC representative.

Finally, keep in mind that the procedures are subject to change basedon changes or clarifications in PCC/Bibco or OCLC policies, feedback from users and public services, and even technology (e.g. software that automatically identifies duplicates at the point of cataloging).

Steven Arakawa
Catalog Librarian for Training & Documentation
Catalog & Metadata Services, SML, Yale University
P.O. Box 208240 New Haven, CT 06520-8240

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