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Sent:                                           Friday, September 03, 2010 1:58 PM


Subject:                                     [Yulibl] Suspending Weekly Exports to OCLC

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As some of you may know, the Library received an Arcadia Grant to help expose its collections to a broader audience and through a broader range of web accessible resources. One of the projects in support of that effort is a reconciliation between our Orbis database and OCLC's Worldcat database.


We will be sending approximately 6.5 million bibliographic records to OCLC, many for the first time!


For many months staff have been working to identify what records should be sent and what needs to be excluded (records in process, records under contractual restraints, etc.). We are heading into the home stretch of preparing files of MARC records to transfer to OCLC for processing.


A required step is that YUL temporarily suspend weekly exports of our records to OCLC. Many of you are aware that this process runs every Sunday evening.


Sunday Sept 5, 2010 will be the last weekly export of Orbis records to OCLC. This process will be suspended during the reconciliation process.


Staff may continue to use the Orbis catalog client with Export Q and may continue to flag records to go to MARS for authority control processing and OCLC. Nothing bad will happen. Weekly MARS loads will continue during reconciliation.


However, please be aware that while weekly OCLC exports are suspended, any updates or changes made to bibliographic records in Orbis will NOT be visible in OCLC. Any new records added to Orbis will NOT be sent to OCLC.


We will catch up with these changes, updates and additions once reconciliation is completed several months from now.


Please feel free to read the attached document for more information. This information was already discussed and shared with staff at a Catalog Coordinating Council meeting, but is being distributed to the entire staff.


Thank you,

Melissa Wisner



Melissa A. Wisner

Manager of Production Systems

Library Information Technology Office

Yale University Library