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Sent:                                           Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:14 PM


Cc:                                               Novak, Audrey

Subject:                                     [Yulcat-l] Suspending Creating IR Records and Deleting YUL Holdings  in OCLC

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As many of you know the library will soon begin the implementation stage of the OCLC reclamation project which will reconcile our Orbis holdings with those in OCLC’s Worldcat database. The ITO staff has extracted and packaged all of the targeted bibliographic records from Orbis and will send these records in different groups to OCLC for processing.


A critical first step in OCLC’s processing is to delete all of Yale’s institution records (IRs) currently in Worldcat so that a new Yale IR will be generated as each of our records is loaded back into OCLC. This initial process by OCCL is scheduled to begin on Monday September 20 and will take about 5-7 days to complete. The deletion of our current IRs will also mark Day 1 of the “gap period” (during which newly cataloged or updated records in Orbis will not be extracted and uploaded to OCLC) and require the initiation of an interim workflow for the following cataloging and acquisitions units.


Non-roman script cataloging staff:

•             Creation of non-roman IRs should cease (any IRs created in OCLC will be deleted by the scan & delete program) by September 17 and remain so until further notice.

•             Maintenance on any IRs created previously should cease (make a note to check when the new IRs are available) at the same time.

•             For new cataloging during the gap period, edit an existing master record or create a new master record as appropriate; use the master record as the basis for the download to Orbis.


Acquisitions staff:

•             Any acquisition workflow that begins with OCLC rather than Orbis to verify YUL holdings should rely instead on Orbis during the gap period.


Holdings Maintenance in OCLC (by SML and departmental library staff):

•             No deleting or updating YUL holdings in OCLC during and through the gap period.


For more detail, please refer to the OCLC Reclamation Project presentation by Steve Arakawa at the URL below:


The ITO will keep us informed of the progress of OCLC’s processing as our new IRs emerge in Worldcat and will notify us when the gap period ends and when the regular cataloging routines resume. If you have any questions regarding the interim workflows or their impact on your current work in Orbis, please contact Steven Arakawa Steve, Rick Sarcia or Dajin Sun.


Thank you,


Rick and Dajin

On behalf of the OCLC Reclamation Project Group