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Sent:                                           Friday, October 01, 2010 11:00 AM

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Subject:                                     FW: October 1 Implementation: more BIBCO Standard Records


As of today, the new Bibco standards for additional types of material may be applied. For original cataloging, if the standard is followed, the records can be coded as pcc with encoding level blank, even if the cataloging is done on OCLC.


Original cataloging should generally follow the BSR guidelines. If all headings are backed up by NACO authority records and valid LCSH, and include a 050 _4 class number, the record should be coded at Encoding Level blank, Cataloging Source c and 042 pcc.  If not all of the headings can be backed up by NACO authority records, do not code the record as pcc and use Encoding Level 4 (core) and Cataloging Source d.  If a DLC minimal level record is upgraded to pcc full level or YUL core level leave the Cataloging Source code as blank rather than c.


For copy cataloging, records coded as pcc prior to Oct. 1 may be coded as Encoding Level 4. Leave these records as is; they are still considered to be valid pcc. The new standard does not require dimensions (height or height x width) but it’s doubtful at this point that any pcc library is going to leave out 300 $c.  However, if you notice the dimensions are missing on a pcc record, go ahead and add 300 $c; our local decision is to continue to include dimensions where applicable. 


There are other cases where CCC has decided to go beyond the BSR guidelines. The additional YUL requirements as well as  a basic  introduction to the BSR guidelines for the different formats are on the revised “YUL and the BSR”  document:


If you have questions about the local documentation or the national guidelines, please contact me.


Steven Arakawa

Catalog Librarian for Training & Documentation

Catalog & Metadata Services, SML, Yale University

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Subject: October 1 Implementation: more BIBCO Standard Records


Implementation Date: October 1, 2010 for New BIBCO Standard Records (BSRs)


BIBCO libraries will begin using the new BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) models for additional types of materials on October 1, 2010.  The new BSRs are posted at:


·         Textual Monographs (with FAQ) (formerly Printed Books)

·         Rare Books

·         Cartographic Materials

·         Notated Music

·         Sound Recordings

·         Moving Image Materials

·         Graphic Materials

·         Electronic Resources


As we move into the new BSR implementation phase:








PoCo extends its thanks to the Standing Committee on Standards and all Task Group chairs, members, and liaisons, whose names appear in the final reports:


Magda El-Sherbini, PCC Chair

Associate Professor

Head, Cataloging Department

The Ohio State University Libraries