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As of Friday October 1, 2010, reclamation record processing between Orbis and OCLC WorldCat officially started. OCLC has completed the process of deleting our old Institutional Records (not our holdings). Their next step will be to start processing our most recent files of bibliographic records. As OCLC is processing this data, we will see the immediate changes in WorldCat unfold. We anticipate this processing will begin in a few days! We will start with our Government Documents collection to capitalize on all the record cleanup work the Donohue Group performed over the past year at Mudd.


Here are a few figures:

Total bibliographic records sent to OCLC for processing: 6,876,182

Sub-total of those with 880s (vernacular records): 593,373

Total bibliographic records not being sent to OCLC (due to Orbis suppressed status, In Process status, etc.): 1.7 million approximately


This current step of the OCLC Reclamation project is important because we will be reconciling our holdings between Orbis and WorldCat in a comprehensive manner, with some data appearing for the first time in WorldCat. Additionally, our patrons searching for books, etc. in sites such as Google Books, will be able to locate much more of our material than they are currently able to via the Internet.


Periodic updates will be sent to yulib as additional project milestones are met.


Melissa A. Wisner

Manager of Production Systems

Library Information Technology Office


To ensure they are answered in a timely manner, please email any questions, requests for work or reports, problems or other issues about Orbis or programs/services that relate to Orbis to


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Batch processing is still the most efficient method for reconciling holdings in OCLC. However, OCLC is in development with a process they are calling "ILS sync" which would provide a more automatic process for synchronizing holdings between your ILS and WorldCat. As of today they are testing with Aleph and Innovative Interfaces, but hope by next summer to show something that will work with Voyager too. "ILS sync" would be a on-demand job that a library could schedule to periodically sync holdings.