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Acquisitions and cataloging staff: If you weren’t able to attend one of the RDA for Acquisitions & Copy Cataloging sessions, please keep these points in mind:


1.       Records cataloged according to RDA rules began to enter OCLC in October, and they will continue to be entered. Although RDA is currently in test phase, OCLC policy is that records cataloged according to RDA must not be recataloged to AACR2.

2.       RDA records can be identified by 040 with subfield $e rda. The Cataloging Form in the Leader will be “i” not “a”. There are 3 new MARC fields that should not be deleted from the records: fields 336, 337, and 338 [these fields will not display in the OPAC]; many words that require abbreviation in AACR2 are not abbreviated in the RDA rules; “cm” ends with a period only under certain circumstances; RDA records do not use 245 $h (the GMD)

3.       Records cataloged following the RDA rules may seem to have “errors.” Some of them may be real errors, but most of them reflect the new rules. Do not correct or revise the RDA records, even the headings

4.       LC has been cataloging some of its CIP records following the RDA rules. If the CIP record has not been completed, refer it to your supervisor, or, if you are in SML, refer it to me. The records need to be completed following RDA not AACR2.


The powerpoint for the RDA for Acquisitions and Copy Cataloging presentation is here:


If you haven’t seen it, please  go over it with your supervisor.


Here are some examples of RDA records in ORBIS:


Orbis 9416664 Stuff matters.

Orbis 8810405 L'home, l'amic, el president

Orbis 9553206 Barrios multiculturales


In OCLC, do not expect to find an RDA master record and an AACR2 master  record for the same edition. OCLC policy is that once the record is cataloged according to one of the sets of rules, it can’t be recataloged to another set of rules. If you find a bibliographic record coded as rda, you should not generally expect to find a master record cataloged according to AACR2 in OCLC. If the only record in OCLC is cataloged as rda, use it for the Orbis record (just don’t edit it).


If you’re interested in seeing more rda records in OCLC, if you disable the Retrieve Institution Records in the OCLC Search window’s Settings, and then use dx:rda  in the command line, most of the records you will retrieve will be coded as rda. (Some of them will be AACR2--this means that one of the IRs was cataloged as RDA)


I’m happy to answer any questions! National policy is in flux, so I may not have definitive answers, however.


Steven Arakawa

Catalog Librarian for Training & Documentation

Catalog & Metadata Services, SML, Yale University

P.O. Box 208240 New Haven, CT 06520-8240