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Folios (SML Cataloging Only!)

To: Technical Services Staff
From: Steven Arakawa
Date: (07/28/06 creation date/ 10/08/2013 11:01 AM revision date)

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 16:54:01 -0400
To: Catalog Discussion List <>
From: Steven Arakawa <>
Cc: Victoria Gardner <>
Subject: [Yulcat-l] Folios (SML Cataloging Only!)

For those who catalog for the SML stacks collection, I've been asked by Victoria Gardner to spread the word that SML Folios do not circulate, so catalogers should check to make sure the item type has been changed to nocirc. I myself was not aware of this policy, so I will need to update SML processing documentation when I get a chance. The nocirc policy does NOT apply to folios cataloged for CCL.

While on the subject of folios, I have noticed a number of records cataloged for SML stacks where the special Folio number was incorrectly formatted. The correct formatting should be:

852 00 ‡b sml ‡k Folio ‡h <Letter> ‡i <Number> <(LC) where appropriate>


852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡k Folio ‡h N ‡i 200 (LC)
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡k Folio ‡h P ‡i 50 (LC)
852 0 0 ‡b sml ‡k Folio ‡h D ‡i 325

Some incorrect formatting noted recently:

  • incorrect use of first indicator 8. Folios are supposed to be in the LC classification file, not the "other" (first indicator 8) file
  • incorrect entry of Folio in ‡h instead of ‡k ("Folio" is not supposed to be indexed in SML call number searching)
  • incorrect combination of the class letter with the accession number, perhaps because Folio was entered incorrectly in ‡h, for example: 852 80 ‡b sml ‡h Folio ‡i D325

For standard formatting of folio numbers in SML refer to:

Steven Arakawa
PS: Old Yale and other collections (such as Divinity)  have different conventions for recording folio sizes, so please don't mess with 'em!

PS: Link to Oversize guidelines:

Update: Memo from Brad Warren, Oct. 4, 2013: "Folios are not allowed to leave the building.  For the purposes of tracking usage and associating responsibility to the user, they do circulate in Voyager as an in-house loan, but they will not get a green light to leave the building.  Additionally, when we combined the SML and Mudd folio collections together here, we also did a separation based on condition, so that items in poor condition can only be used in the MSSA reading room and must be requested through Aeon."


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