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Netcast Checklist


To: Technical Services Staff
From: Steven Arakawa
Date: (issue date/ 10/09/2008 12:22 PM revision date)

1. Do the netcast cataloging as a batch to take advantage of step 3. Always follow step 2.

2. Change the current template on your workstation to the netcast template.The netcast template is derived from the OLAC best practices for streaming sound recordings, modified for podcasting and some local preferences. Please use the netcast template to create bibliographic records. To change templates,

  • Starting at the menu toolbar: Options-->Preferences-->Folders/Files
  • Under Templates/Bib: click on the ellipses bar; the Select Bibliographic Template window should open in the Preliminary Record Template folder
    • If the Select Bib Template window does not open in the Preliminary Record Template folder, navigate to it from the Select Bib Template window and open it. (The folder resides in C:\Voyager\Catalog\Template\preliminary record template)
    • Tip: to ensure that the Select Bibliographic Template window always opens in the Preliminary Record Template folder, make sure that in Folders/Files under FOLDERS, the path in the Template: selection has the path C:\Voyager\Catalog\Template\preliminary record template
  • Select the netcast template file and click OPEN. (The assumption is the netcast template file has been loaded).
  • With the new Bib: template in place, click OK to close the Session Defaults window (which will also save the new setting)

3. (Optional) Using Orbis Preferences, change the default holdings location to yulint:

  • Starting at the menu toolbar: Options--> Preferences. The Preferences window will open. The default category is General (select the General tab if another category appears). The Holdings/Items Default Location will be the first option listed.
  • Use the scrollbar to change Holdings/Items Default Location from sml to yulint
  • The next option under General is Call Number Hierarchies. Change the default from LC Classification to Other
  • Click OK
  • If you don't change the default, you will need to edit the new MFHD to:
852 8 0 ‡b yulint ‡h None ‡z Online resource

(Second indicator 1 for multiparts)

3. Fixed fields: Leader. No changes needed. (Coded as non-music sound recording, AACR2, core level cataloging)

4. Fixed fields: 008. Enter date used in 260. For Literary Text bytes, select an appropriate form from the menu; leave as not applicable if there is no appropriate category.

5. Fixed Fields: 007. No changes needed. (Follows OLAC best practices for streaming sound recordings)

6. Fixed Fields: 006. No changes needed. (Follows OLAC best practices for streaming sound recordings)

7. Variable fields.

050 Only the class number ($a is needed), but it should be specific to the content.

245. Note that GMD is [electronic resource] NOT [sound recording]. No statement of responsibility needs to be supplied. Use the category (series) page as the chief source, not the Office of Public Affairs Netcast page. The series page can be accessed via the OPA Netcast page by clicking on the netcast button assigned to each category listed. (Because we want to base the description on the site providing direct access, do not use the Yale iTunes site as the chief source, even though there may be more titles listed)

260. Place currently not given on the category pages; assume it is New Haven but bracket. Based on the series page, the publisher is Yale University, so bracketing is not needed. The inferred date (in brackets) is the posting date for the sound recording file.

300. Supply the time. (The timing is listed on the iTunes page which must be accessed via the second 856's URL; you need to download the iTunes software if it is not on your computer)*

490/830. Assign the appropriate category to the 490/830 series. The main series is always Netcast series. In 830, the specific series is in $p: 830 _0 $a Netcast series. $p Library.

500. Source of title. Take it from the Yale series page listing (not the iTunes page); include the date viewed.

520. The Yale netcast series page will generally give a brief summary, which can be entered in quotes. If the Yale page is not adequate, compose a summary.

6xx. Assign subjects as you would for any core-level record. Generally the person being interviewed is not assigned a subject with --Interviews unless the topic of the talk is the person being interviewed. Always include the 655s used in the template. As the project progresses, you should be able to pull up other records following the template by using the Subject: Genre/Form search in Staff Orbis.

7xx. Assign as needed.

1xx. Generally the person delivering the lecture or the person being interviewed. If the recording is of person A reading the poetry of person B, the main entry is person B.

856. To obtain the direct URL for the sound recording file, right click on the link for the particular sound recording, select Properties, and select/copy the URL. Once the URL is saved into the record, verify that the file is operational in the OPAC: click on the sound recording to play. (Takes about 30 seconds to load)

For notes and choice of entry refer also to the Yale documentation on non-music sound recordings.

*Navigating the Yale iTunes site.

  1. Connect using the URL in the Websites section at the end of this document..
  2. [If you don't have iTunes software on your workstation, click on Please Click Here to Download and follow the instructions (accept the defaults)]
  3. Click on Launch Yale University on iTunes U link
  4. Click through the two security windows
  5. Wait for the software to load. Depending on the time of day, this may take a minute or so ...
  6. Once you are in, you should be at the Yale University on iTunes page. At the bottom of the page, the various categories ("series") are listed (you will probably need to click the right arrow and the down arrow to see all of the categories on this page). The first category is Yale University; the other categories are arranged in alphabetical order from left to right
  7. Click on the Yale button icon for the category you need
  8. The available titles will be listed with their run times.
  9. Note that in some cases, the category is further subarranged by TABS. For example the Yale Library has tabs for The Library, The Library Tour, and for Beinecke.


Core Cataloging of Non-Music Sound Recordings: Checklist


Yale University. Office of Public Affairs.Yale University Netcasts website:

Yale University on iTunes U website:


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