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Acquisitions (General)

  1. Cancellations
  2. Editing of Vendor Fields in In-Process & Vendor Supplied Bibliographic Records (DRAFT)
  3. Vendor On-Order Records to be Overlaid
  4. Payment Records for Online Serial Resources
  5. Preliminary records
  6. Serial Analytics (Minimal Level Records for Monographic Series)
  7. Cancellations

General Workflow Procedures

  1. General
  2. Copy Cataloging
  3. Series
  4. Series Tracing Policy for Cataloging Copy
  5. AACR2 2002 amendments & C&T workflow
  6. Searching Best Practices DRAFT
  7. Added Copies: Policies & Procedures
  8. Added Copy or New Record: Books
  9. Barcode placement guidelines (Word)

General Maintenance Policies & Procedures

  1. Policies for deletion, suppression and re-use of Orbis records
  2. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Library Materials (Item in Hand)
  3. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Missing and Unreturned Library Materials (Item Not in Hand)
  4. Withdrawal Policies & Procedures: What You Need to Know (LMC Presentation) Microsoft Word Document
  5. Item Record Withdrawal: Policies & Procedures Microsoft Word Document
  6. Editing MARC Record Files (Using MARCEdit) Microsoft Word Document

SML Workflow


British Art


Economic Growth

Government Documents





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