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Macro/Function Key

Quick References

To: DGI Staff
From: Steven Arakawa
Date: (Oct. 14 2008 issue date/ 10/17/2008 3:46 PM revision date)

Key Sequence   Macro/Function <Orbis native function *>
Ctrl F1   Close all windows
F2   *Display tag or indicator values (depending on cursor position)
Ctrl F2   Save bibliographic record ID to clipboard
F3   *Insert Field Above
F4   *Insert Field Below
Shift F4   In MFHD, add $x DGI
F5   Open/Display MFHD from Item Record or Bib Record
Ctrl F5   MFHD Add Oversize $m subfield at end of 852
F6   Open/Display Bib Record from MFHD or Item Record
Shift F6   Insert 866 (position cursor in field above)
F7 (Cataloging Module)   Open Retrieve Item Record window
F7 (Circulation Module)   Open Charge to Dummy Patron window
F8   *Reserved for Orbis Edit Function--Do not map macros to F8
F9   *Insert Delimiter
F10   Open Search Window in Orbis
Shift F10   Connect to LCDB (LC Resource File)
F11   Open Remote Connection to OCLC
Shift F11   Open Orbis Import File
F12   Open Custom Menu
Ctrl F12   Insert 040 CtY$c CtY above
Shift F12   Add $d CtY <postion cursor anywhere in 040>
Alt 4   Insert 490 0 (position cursor above)
Alt 5   Insert 590 (position cursor above)
Alt 7   Insert 740 for bound withs (position cursor above)
Alt-Shift-T   Select Title Index search <must be enabled>
Alt-Shift-W   Select Staff Title Index search (series) <must be enabled>
Alt-Shift-X   Select Staff Subject Search <must be enabled>
Alt-Shift-Y   Select Staff Name Search <must be enabled>
Shift Number Pad Asterisk (*)   Open Retrieve by Orbis Bib Id Number
Ctrl Number Pad Asterisk (*)   Open Retrieve by Orbis Holdings ID Number
Ctrl-C   *Copy
Ctrl-E   *Open Diacritic Insert Table
Ctrl-Alt-E   Add Item Statistical Category "DGI Project Edit/Copy," save & close the record
Ctrl-L   *In MFHD 852 $b show location codes/insert location code
Ctrl-Alt-O   Add Item Statistical Category "DGI Project Original," save & close the record
Ctrl-V   *Paste
Ctrl-X   *Cut



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