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Form Terminology To Be Used with Abbreviated Level 520 Fields.

arts [music, dance, fine art, architecture]

biography [use for biographies collective and individual, and autobiographies]

bibliography. [if the entire book is a bibliography, not if it includes a bibliography]

cases [use for case studies]

catalogs [use for catalogs of museums & other collections, for arts/historical exhibition catalogs, for vendor catalogs]

congresses [use for collections of conference papers]



dictionaries [use for language dictionaries; for subject dictionaries use Reference]

directories [lists of names and addresses of persons belonging to an organization, ethnic group, etc.]

economics [for economic studies, economic history; economic relations; economic development, etc. Combine with Places: keyword if a specific country or region is appropriate]


guidebooks [to cities, countries, museums, etc.& travel guides; for study guides for a discipline, use Form: reference]

history [for histories of countries, cities, organizations, of disciplines and arts, etc.]

indexes [use also for concordances]

interpretation [use for commentaries or interpretive studies of literary, philosophical works, artists' works, sacred books]

language [studies of languages, linguistics]

law [always in conjunction with a Place keyword]

military [pictures of military vehicles & ships, uniforms, studies of tactics and history of wars & battles]

politics [use for political science, government, & for general foreign relations; for political history use a second Form: history]

philosophy [for philosophical works, philosophers; for theory]

pictorial [if the book is chiefly pictures]


recreation [chess & other games, sports]

reference [encyclopedias, subject dictionaries, including works of reference not organized alphabetically, for manuals on subjects, disciplines, etc.; give the more precise term in the summary]

religion [for collections of prayers and devotions, theology, religion studies; use a second Form for the religion or denomination: Form: Buddhism; Form: Islam, Form: Christianity, Form: Judaism, Form: Catholic, Form: Orthodox, Form: Protestant]

sociology [use for social science, social conditions, customs]

sources [collections of primary sources, e.g. historical documents, reproductions of manuscripts, and other source materials]

science [add a second Form: keyword for the basic discipline. Form: medicine; Form: chemistry; Form: astronomy; Form: mathematics; Form: agriculture]


terminology [for lists of terms used in a field or used by an author or organization, a discipline or profession, etc.]

translations [if the book is a translation of a work or a collection of works in translation]

travel [general description of places in contrast to history or economic studies or sociology]


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