A brief summary of the Executive Summary of the Final Report (Penultimate Draft) of the Task Force on the Harmonization of ISBD(ER) and AACR2

prepared by John Attig

June 23, 1999

This is a simple summary of what is currently in the "Executive Summary" document. The Task Force members have already noted a need to discuss and revisit many of the issues in the document before presenting it as a recommendation to CC:DA.

The Task Force is considering the following changes to AACR2R:

Chapter 1. General Rules for Description

 Chapter 9, Area 2. Edition Area

 A. Definition of Edition

 B. Multiple Edition Statements

 Chapter 9, Area 3. Resource Characteristics

Chapter 9, Area 4. Publication, Distribution, Etc. Area

 A. Definition of "Published"

 B. Edition Statements and Dates for Dynamic Resources

 C. Multiple copyright dates

Chapter 9, Area 5. Physical Description Area

 A. 9.5A

 B. 9.5B. SMD

 C. 9.5C. Format Characteristics

 D. 9.5D. Dimensions

 E. 9.5E. Accompanying material

 Chapter 9, Area 7. Note Area

A. System Requirements and Mode of Access Notes

 B. Other notes

 Appendix D, Glossary

Members of the Task Force

John C. Attig
Matthew Beacom
Ann Sandberg-Fox
Lynne C. Howarth (Chair)
Laurel Jizba
Mary L. Larsgaard
Patricia Vanderberg
Matthew Wise

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