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Hybrid Tracings

Field 655 (Index term--Genre/Form) "contains terms indicating the genre, form, and/or physical characteristics of the materials being described". The Rare Book Team combines several authorized form headings from standard thesauri with specific name tracings (which the field is not meant to contain), thus forming hybrid tracings.
Present practice 655:7: [Genre term]: [Name]. |2 local
Examples 655:7: Booksellers' labels: Batchelder's Bookstore. |2 local 
Note: the term is from the Provenance Evidence thesaurus  
655:7: Binders' stamps (Binding): Gregynog Press Bindery. |2 local 
Note: the term is not presently included in the Binding Terms thesaurus, but is structured correctly up to the colon, and could be proposed to the RBMS thesaurus editor
  • In current use
  • Can be retrieved with subject and keyword searches
  • Provides informational links between forms and associated names
  • Content and form of data do not conform to defined contents or format of field 655
  • Associated names cannot be retrieved with either a name or a subject search, preventing a search for the same name from retrieving all instances of the name
Authority control implications Field 655 not subjected to automated authority control processing 

Alternative: Uses form term strings formatted according to standards for field 655, with local identifier for copy-specific forms, and combine with name data in field 700/710, with relator term if desired.
Alternative 655:7: [Genre term]. |2 [thesaurus source code]. |5 [institution code] 
7xx:x: [Name], |e [relator]
Examples 655:7: Booksellers' labels (Provenance). |2 rbprov. |5 CtY-BR 
710:2: Batchelder's Bookstore, |e bookseller. |5 CtY-BR 
655:7: Binders' stamps (Binding). |2 local 
710:2 : Gregynog Press Bindery,|e binder.
  • Standard use of MARC--data fit the definition and purpose of both fields
  • Forms can be retrieved with a subject search
  • Names can be retrieved with a single name search along with other instances of the name 
  • Direct informational linking between names would be lost
  • Would require substantial change in current practice
Authority control implications
  • 655 not subjected to automated authority control processing
  • 700/710 subjected to automated authority control processing

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Prepared by DJ Leslie on 19 January 1998
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