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October 14, 2013

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Instructions for Archiving Cataloging Documentation

The following documents have been archived. They are of historical interest only and do not necessarily represent current Yale University Library practice. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

  • NACO Series Training (May 2003).  Details of the NACO series training sessions taught by Judy Kuhagen and completed by cataloging staff in the spring of 2003.
  • Procedures for Recording Volumes Missing at the Time of Transfer to LSF (Jan. 2003)
  • Orbis Cataloging Manual (31 May 2002)
  • Local Guidelines for Reviewing NACO Series Authority Records (November 1999).  Guidelines used by the NACO Coordinating Committee from November 1999 through April 2005 to determine if a cataloger should be granted independence.
  • Interim Workflow for NACO Series Review (November 1999).  Workflow used after initial NACO Series training in November 1999 by Judy Kuhagen. The NACO Series Review Group met weekly to review all SARs created at Yale. This workflow was discontinued after all reviewers became independent in May 2001. Catalogers now submit records directly to their reviewers..
  • Authority Record Change Report from OCLC Authority Control Service (21 January 1997).  Details on the customized Authority Record Change Reports we asked to receive from the OCLC Authority Control Service.
  • System Specifications for OCLC Authority Control Service Implementation (20 January 1997).  System specifications detailing how the OCLC Authority Control Service processing was applied to various categories of records and headings. Processing was begun in March 1997 and ended in December 2000.
  • Overview of OCLC Authority Control Service Implementation (20 January 1997).  Report summarizing Yale's implementation of the OCLC Authority Control Service. Specifies which records were sent for processing and which headings on those records were processed. Reviews our various custom processing requests. Processing was begun in March 1997 and ended in December 2000. 
  • NACO Names Independence (21 November 1996).  Report announcing Yale's institutional independence from Library of Congress review for name headings in the fall of 1996. Summarizes our internal policies for granting independence in Names to individual catalogers and maintaining quality control. Policies were revised in 2006.
  • NACO Names Training (10 June 1996). Details of the NACO names training sessions completed by cataloging staff in the summer of 1996.
  • Report by the Authority Control Planning Committee to the Catalog Department (11 April 1996).  Progress report presented by the Authority Control Planning Committee at a meeting of the Catalog Department. Summarized much of the Committee's work to date and served as an introduction to additional expanded reports on specific topics.
  • Recommendation to Discontinue Local 'Description and Travel' Headings (1 April 1996).  Report by the Authority Control Planning Committee recommending that the local practice of maintaining chronological subdivisions in [Place]--Description and travel headings be discontinued and that genre headings be used as needed to provide chronological access for travel literature. The first recommendation was accepted; the need for chronological access to travel literature was rejected and the use of genre headings was not implemented.
  • Results of Catalogers' Survey on Heading Verification (1 April 1996).  Results of a survey distributed by the Authority Control Planning Committee to Yale cataloging and acquisitions staff. Reports the frequency with which various categories of headings were searched in the local vs. national authority files, and the extent to which heading verification varied for original cataloging vs. LC and member copy cataloging. Aided in the revising of workflow. 
  • Recommendation to Expand NACO Participation (27 March 1996).  Report by the Authority Control Planning Committee addressing the need for expanded participation in the NACO program as a prerequisite to OCLC processing. Includes the recommendation that NACO training from the Library of Congress be provided for all professional cataloging staff responsible for creating authority records. NACO training was subsequently completed in the summer of 1996. 
  • Recommendation to LMC to Implement the OCLC Authority Control Service (10 July 1995).  Excerpt from a report made to Library Management Council by the Retrospective Conversion Planning Committee. Presents the Committee's recommendation that the Library implement OCLC's Authority Control Service before beginning retrospective conversion of the Yale card catalog. 
  • OCLC Proposal to Provide Automated Processing Using Its Authority Control Service (15 September 1994).  Excerpt from the original proposal made by OCLC to Yale University Library for providing automated authorities processing of the Orbis catalog.