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Authority Record Change Report

OCLC has provided the Authority Control Planning Committee with samples of the various reports that can be supplied as part of authority control processing. One of these, the Authority Record Change Report, contained a sample of 50 changed authority records, with the "before" and "after" versions. We analyzed the records for the type of changes made. Since 50 was such a small sample, we requested 300 more records. From a sample of 351 records, we were able to determine what types of modifications were most common, and from that, which of those modifications would warrant a change report to us. We then decided what form that change report should take.

The tables below describe the circumstances under which we want notification of changes to an authority record, when we do not want notification, what the report should look like, and what it should contain.


These are the circumstances under which we want notification of change to an authority record: 
1. All authority records in which the 1XX field has been modified
     Except when the only change is deletion of final period 
2. All authority records in which a 4XX or 5XX has been added or deleted 
3. All authority records in which the 1XX has been
    * made undifferentiated from a previously unique heading
    * made unique from a previously undifferentiated heading 
4. When one or more 670 has been added or deleted from a record that was originally or becomes undifferentiated (non-unique) 
5. All merged records 

These are the circumstances under which we do not want notification of change to an authority record: 
1. 053 field added 
2. Existing 670 field modified 
3. RULES updated from "a" to "c" without modification of 1XX, 4XX, or 5XX 
4. UNIQUE NAME code corrected without change to rest of the record 
5. 670, 667, or 675 added, when it is the only modification to the record, and when the record does not become undifferentiated as a result 


The reports of changes should grouped according to type of heading:

* Personal Name
* Corporate Name
* Subject Heading
* Series 

Within each category, the reports should be sorted according to type of modification. When more than one change occurs in a record, they should be reported only once, in this order:

1. Change to 1XX field
2. Addition or deletion of 4XX or 5XX
3. Change from unique to undifferentiated or from undifferentiated to unique heading
4. 670 added or deleted to a record that was originally or became undifferentiated
5. Merged records 

Both the "before" and "after" records should be included, with the changes highlighted. Instead of using only line numbers in the chart at the top, include the tags that have been changed. 

Of the 351 changed authority records in our sample report, 197 included at least one change for which we would want notification.

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