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Interim Workflow for Series Review

Workflow used after initial training in November 1999 by Judy Kuhagen when the Series Review Group met weekly to review all SARs created at Yale. This workflow was discontinued after all reviewers became independent in May 2001. Catalogers are now submitting series authority records directly to their reviewers.

1. E-mail newly created or updated NACO series authority records (SARs) and any name authority records (NARs) generated by the creation of SARs to the NACO Series Review Group:
Steven Arakawa
Fanny Hsieh
Maria Hunenko
Mickey Koth
Rosemary Plotnick
Manon Theroux
Cecile Mandour (NACO Coordinator)
2. The e-mail subject should be: SAR--[Team or Library unit]. This is to enable the primary reviewers to quickly identify the unit(s) for which he/she is responsible.

3. Send the whole record instead of just the RLIN ID and beginning of heading. Ask your primary reviewer for instructions on the cut and paste procedure.

4. Send up to five records once a week. Normally records received by Friday will be reviewed at the following week's Series Review Group meeting.

5. Send surrogates for problematic cases to your primary reviewer.

6. Wait for your primary reviewer to respond by e-mail. If corrections are necessary, the corrected records should be resubmitted to the reviewer within 24 hrs.

7. When records come back from LC, the NACO Coordinator will channel the records to the primary reviewers who will instruct catalogers to: a) make corrections and resubmit the records to the reviewer, or, b) contribute the records.
8. Search the headings in RLIN NAF again before contributing the record to avoid duplication.
9. On bibliographic records, 927::tape and 928::actape may be added before NACO series review. If series headings need to be changed after the SAR is contributed, update the bibliographic record and re-enter 927::tape (928::actape does not need to be re-entered) Catalogers who input directly in RLIN should update the bibliographic record in RLIN and overlay the record again in ORBIS.
10. If the cataloging for the bibliographic record has not been completed when the SAR is sent for review, catalogers should complete the cataloging within one week after the SAR is contributed.
Near East and East Asia catalogers will follow the same procedures, i.e., e-mail their SARs to the NACO  Series Review Group. Their primary series reviewers are: Rosemary Plotnick and Fanny Hsieh respectively.
NACO Series Review Group will meet on a weekly basis to review SARs submitted to the group. Primary reviewers are responsible for:
  • preliminary reviewing and searching of SARs created by catalogers assigned to them
  • having corrections made based on the NACO Series Review Group's recommendations
  • sending to the NACO Coordinator SARs ready for LC review in one batch at a time, providing the RLIN ID number and beginning of the heading
  • The Yale NACO Coordinator will serve as the main contact person with the Library of Congress reviewer. SARs as well as questions that Yale reviewers may have for the Library of Congress reviewer will be channeled through the Yale NACO Coordinator.

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