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Local Subject Headings (aka Special Collections Subjects)


Local subject headings may be added to bibliographic records in Orbis to bring out special characteristics of materials in the Library's collections. These headings are coded 69X (see below) and can be retrieved using the "Special Collections Subject" index. Library staff should not delete any 69X headings found on existing bib records in Orbis for which the cataloging is complete.


692 14 Babbage, Charles, $d 1791-1871 $x Autograph.
693 24 Benedictines $z Italy $z Padua $x Inscription.
695 04 World Christianity $y 2004.
690 #4 Thesis : Yale University, Graduate School, American Studies.
690 #4 Incunabula in Yale Library.
691 #4 Paris (France) $x Newspapers.

Tagging Practice:

Before July 1, 2001, the Library coded its local subject headings 6XX with a second indicator of 4. After that date, we began using 69X tags with a second indicator of 4. The text of the announcement is available in the YULCAT-L archives.

The reasons that we switched our tagging practice were: 1) our local subjects were being retained in copy cataloging done by other libraries using our records; and 2) our ability to perform global changes in NOTIS was adversely affected. These particular 69X tags were chosen because they were defined by NOTIS and, for a time, they had been used in OCLC.

In August 2002, it was discovered that many of the local subject headings in records exported from NOTIS to the utilities were not loading and indexing properly. Changes were then made to our profiles so that local subject headings in Voyager records exported to the utilities will load and index properly in the future.

The following chart illustrates former and current Orbis practice for tagging local subject headings that have a second indicator of 4, as well as mappings for records exported from Voyager to RLIN. The mappings correspond to the tagging practice that is currently followed by Yale libraries who still input records directly into RLIN. This tagging was also followed in the past when Yale did all of its cataloging directly in RLIN (before we had a local system):

Heading Type Orbis Tag (before July 1, 2001) Orbis Tag (after July 1, 2001) Voyager to RLIN mapping
Personal Name 600 692 696
Corporate Name 610 693 697
Conference Name 611 694 698
Uniform Title 630 695 699
Topical Subject 650 690 690
Geographic Name 651 691 691

The following chart illustrates old mappings in place in August 2002 (as reported by the utilities):

Heading Type NOTIS to  RLIN mapping NOTIS to  OCLC mapping
Personal Name Books and other formats: dropped

Serials: 600

Corporate Name Books and other formats: dropped

Serials: 610

Conference Name Books and other formats: 694  
(generated error status)

Serials: 611

Uniform Title 630 dropped
Topical Subject 690 dropped
Geographic Name 691 dropped

Libraries at Yale That Use 69X Headings

All Libraries (proposed)

690 #4 LGBTQ resource.

Arts of the Book Collection

Beinecke Library

See: Beinecke Cataloging Manual for Printed Material under section "Special Tracings"

Center for British Art Library

Divinity Library

695 04 World Christianity Old Day Collection.
695 04 World Christianity Union Collection.
695 04 World Christianity.

Note: All headings are usually followed by "$y date(s) of publication." Many records with the third heading don't have the $y because of how the headings were converted from NOTIS (it was easy for systems to convert an 035 heading to the 695 without date, but complicated to add a pub date to the 695, and there wasn't enough time and resources to take the more complicated route). The third is the only local heading added to new records; the other two are for historical collections only.

East Asia Library

690 #4 Chinese rare books.
690 #4 Japanese rare books.

Fortunoff Holocaust Video Archives

Lewis Walpole Library

Medical Library (including EPH Library)

690 #4 Community Project.
690 #4 Consumer Health (Collection)
690 #4 Education (Collection)
690 #4 End of Life (Collection)
690 #4 Medical Board Review.
690 #4 United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

Medical Historical Library

Music Library

Sterling Memorial Library

690 #4 Thesis : Yale University, Graduate School, <name of dept.>.
690 #4 UMI <number>.

Please note that this page concerns only truly local Yale subject headings. It does not apply to subject headings containing vernacular script, which are coded second indicator 4 in accordance with national practice.

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