Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2001-10-22

Present: Steven Arakawa, Ellen Ellickson, Xinkai Kong, Mickey Koth, Beatrice Luh, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Dajin Sun, Manon Theroux (chair).

Absent: David Faulds, Robert Kilheffer, Cecile Mandour, Audrey Novak.

1. Membership

--Xinkai Kong (Catalog Management Team, SML) has joined the committee as a new member
--Mickey Koth, Steve Arakawa, and Robert Kilheffer will be rotating off the committee after the QA of the Basefile2 records has been completed

2. Blind Cross References in the OPAC

--blind xrefs result when OCLC sends us auth records for hdgs that appear *only* on suppressed bib records or *only* on bib records for withdrawn items
--blind xrefs also result when OCLC sends us auth records for untraced series and series-like phrases
--the problems will continue to exist when we move to Voyager
--what should our policy be for these auth records (i.e. delete them or keep them)?
--even though blind xrefs are potentially confusing to public, most committee members leaned toward *not* deleting the auth records for the following reasons:

a)  the auth records provide useful xrefs that support the work of cataloging and acquisitions staff
b)  we may need the auth record in the future for a bib record that does display to the public but then we wouldn't have the xrefs we need
c)  there aren't *that* many auth records affected (e.g. only a small percentage of the ca. 200,000 suppressed Orbis bib records will be the *only* bib record with a particular hdg and not all of the corresponding auth records will even have xrefs)
d)  OCLC will be automatically sending us updated versions of these auth records anyway
--however, if we do decide to delete them, we have the option of deleting them on an "as encountered" basis or deleting them systematically using conflict/error report in NOTIS
--committee members should submit any further thoughts to Manon; she will pass these on to Joan Swanekamp.

3. MARS Brief Status Report

--basefile1 correction transactions have been loaded into Orbis
--recon bib records Nov-June have been loaded into Orbis
--recon bib records July-Aug have been partially loaded into Orbis--will soon be done--will start ongoing recon loads twice a month thereafter
--we have started sending our CJK recon records through MARS processing--QA of first batch will be done by East Asian Team and Catalog Management Team
--we have loaded 6 auth files so far--stopped after discovering two problems--OCLC sent us some "deleted" auth records and some auth records with our own local information--waiting for "fixes" before resuming auth loads
--Xinkai and Manon working on a report generated last spring by the Systems Office that identified ca. 400 pairs of duplicate auth records--they are deleting the unwanted records
--basefile2 transactions have been loaded into the ORBDEV7 test region for QA

4. QA of Basefile2 Transactions

--basefile2 QA will be different from the recon QA completed in August because we will be looking at field-level replacements (called transactions) rather than whole record replacements
--basefile2 reprocessing generated approximately 4.4 million correction transactions in 46 files
--we will QA a sample of 9 files loaded into the ORBDEV7 test region
--transaction reports mounted on web at:
--handout assigns each person to a file and explains how to access and interpret the transaction reports
--each person should look at at least 300 transactions in his/her file by Friday, Nov. 2nd


--re-familiarize yourself with how the MARS processing works by reading these three documents:
--chapter 3 of the MARS Planning Guide (hand-out)
--instructions for 6xx headings <>
--results of recon QA <>
--search Orbis ID in ORBDEV7 to bring up bib record
--check to see that the transaction loaded correctly
--check to see that the change is a "good" one by searching for auth record in ORBIS
--make note of any "bad" changes or any changes that should have been made and weren't
--send Manon an email with the Orbis ID and any problems encountered
--can use own method for keeping track--in the past, some have copied transactions from web page into Notepad and then opened using Excel--advantage is you can delete some extraneous info
--try to find examples of all different types of corrections and don't just look for easy ones!
--skip over any Chinese hdgs
--do not bother trying to QA the auth records and hdg use codes since not all auth files have been loaded--just look for auth records to verify whether hdg corrections are correct

5. Summary of Results of Recon QA

--examples illustrating categories of problems found during the QA of the recon records in August have been mounted on the web: <>
--if you discover more examples of the same problems in category 3 (problems that MARS can't fix), there is no need to report them, but do report any problems from category 1 (problems with loader) or category 2 (problems with MARS processing)
--if in doubt about whether to report something during your QA, report it!

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