Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-01-07

Present: Steven Arakawa, Ellen Ellickson, Robert Kilheffer, Xinkai Kong, Mickey Koth, Beatrice Luh, Cecile Mandour, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Dajin Sun, Manon Theroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Audrey Novak, David Faulds.

Guest: Joan Swanekamp.

1. Update on Basefile2 Loads

--OCLC was able to weed the conference, series, and uniform title transactions as we requested and send us only the transactions that we wanted to load
--thus far we have loaded 24 out of 43 files (or approximately 2.4 million transactions)
--still have 19 files left to load
--loads have been temporarily suspended because a problem with the Yale loader was discovered right before the holiday break --loader has been writing transactions for 1xx headings after the 2xx fields
--problem not apparent when we view the bib records in F6 staff view because the system automatically reorders the display
--problem shows up in the F5 staff view (copy holdings screen) and in index displays because the main entry does not appear
--Systems Office is working on two fixes: a fix to the loader and a fix to correct those 1xx transactions already loaded

2. Gap Extract/Ongoing Processing

--gap records (catalog records created since May) should take about 1 week to extract and 2 weeks to process
--group discussed how we want the gap records (and the ongoing records) processed
--it was decided to process all headings in gap and ongoing cataloging, just as we are doing with the recon records
--our recent cataloging is relatively "cleaner" than the Basefile2 records and we should not encounter as many of the problematic transactions that were generated by the Basefile2 processing
--we have the ability to fix problematic authority records at the point of cataloging, as long as we can educate cataloging staff to be alert to cross references that could result in bad heading flips
--we will tell OCLC that we no longer want the "custom" processing that inserts commas between $n and $p in uniform title headings and inserts periods between one $p and another $p in uniform title headings; music uniform titles often do not follow this pattern so there can be no default punctuation pattern
--we will live with occasional instances of individual-->collective uniform title flips
--we will live with punctuation problems resulting from partial heading flips (internal punctuation will be either a period or none, depending on ending punctuation of partial match); as annoying as they are, they do not affect access

3. Good-bye to Departing Members

--the group bid farewell to departing members Steven Arakawa, Mickey Koth, and Robert Kilheffer, who had agreed to stay on the committee until the end of the Basefile 2 QA
--the group also bid farewell retrospectively to David Faulds, who has left the committee and will soon be leaving Yale to take a position at Emory University Library

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