Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-01-28

Present: Ellen Ellickson, Xinkai Kong, Beatrice Luh, Cecile Mandour, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Manon Theroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Audrey Novak, Dajin Sun.

I. Update on MARS Implementation

Basefile2 transactions:
--a problem with Yale's transaction loader was identified in December 2001
--transactions containing corrections to 1xx fields were loading *after* the 2xx fields
--transaction loads were suspended until the problem could be fixed
--the loader has now been fixed and transaction loads can be resumed
--currently writing a fix for those transactions already loaded
--expect to have that fix finished sometime in February and will then flip 1xx and 2xx fields to correct order
--have loaded 2.4 million Basefile2 transactions thus far, or 24 out of 43 files; 19 files left to load

Recon records:
--a problem with the 260 field in some of the recon records was discovered in December 2001
--the problem was causing the records to load as error records
--OCLC has fixed the problem and sent us replacement records
--currently have 3 files waiting to be loaded; will have these loaded by the end of the week

Authority records:
--a problem with the heading use codes was discovered in December 2001
--OCLC fixed the problem and sent us replacement records
--currently all caught up with auth file loads

Extract of gap records
--will not happen until all the Basefile2 transactions have been loaded and all the improperly loaded 1xx transactions have been flipped
--will include bib records cataloged since May, bib records with the 928 field reset to "actape", bib records without a 928 field, and bib records converted from Wade Giles to Pinyin

II. Revision of "Authority Control Workflow for Yale Catalog Librarians" Document

--the workflow was written during ACS processing and needs to be revised to reflect MARS processing
--Manon posted a draft revision in her personal web directory for the group to look over before the meeting
--the main changes included:
    expanding the table contents to make it easier to find information
    increasing the number of instances when authority records are required to be created (mostly as a result of BIBCO)
    combining the three separate workflows into one (because MARS processes all headings)
--the group discussed the revised document and a few suggestions were made
--the NACO Series Review Group has also been asked to comment on the draft

III. Revision of "Authority Control Workflow for Yale C&T Staff" Document

--Earl and Rick volunteered to revise the document to reflect MARS processing
--they should have a draft revision ready in two weeks and will mount it in a personal web directory
--the revisions should be kept to a minimum given that the workflow will have to be revised again once we migrate to Voyager
--the group will discuss the draft over e-mail if possible rather than scheduling an extra meeting

IV. Preliminary Planning for Workshop on Interpreting Series Authority Records (SARs)

--the workshop should be no more than one hour and should have several presenters rather than just one
--it should have both a web page and hand-outs
--possible topics to be covered include:
    how to search for SARs
    how to interpret SARs (fixed and variable fields)
    how to update SARs with local analysis and classification decisions
    how to recognize potential problems with existing SARs and prevent unwanted heading flips during MARS processing
    how to determine local analysis and classification decisions when we receive the 1st item in a series--do we automatically class together if LC has classed together?
    what to do if the SAR says "do not trace" but our records in Orbis already have the series traced (or LC records do!) 
--the workshop should NOT address how to create and update SARs through NACO

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