Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-08-05

Present: Eric Friede, Maria Hunenko, Xinkai Kong, Beatrice Luh, Cécile Mandour, Rick Sarcia, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

Absent: Ellen Ellickson, Audrey Novak, Earl Roy, Dajin Sun.

1. Incoming and Outgoing Committee Members

The three new incoming committee members are: Eric Friede (Divinity), Maria Hunenko (Slavic and East European Team, Catalog Dept), and Susan Tucker (Order Support Team, Acquisitions Dept). They will replace: David Faulds (who left Yale in the middle of the year), Xinkai Kong (who will be leaving Yale in September), and Cécile Mandour (who is rotating off the committee). Many thanks to Cécile (who has been a member of the committee since 1999) and Xinkai for all of their hard work. Best of luck to Xinkai in his new position at the University of Pennsylvania.

2. New Meeting Time

The committee's new meeting time will be the last Wednesday of each month, from 10:30am-12:00pm. The next meeting will be Aug. 28th.

3. Authority Record Updating and Deleting

Staff may now update and delete auth records in Voyager, as needed.

Only Catalog Librarians and other authorized staff who have received NACO training may make updates to auth records. In Voyager, the only updates that should be made to authority records are the addition of local classification and analysis information (090 field, 644 $5CtY, 646 $5CtY, and 690 field; other symbols for specific Yale units are also used in the 64X $5); all other updates should be contributed through NACO.

Only Catalog Librarians and other authorized staff may delete authority records. Only two categories of authority records should be deleted:

4. Voyager Test Loads

The Voyager bib record loader adds an 035 field to all bib records received back from MARS and loaded into Orbis. This 035 field contains the Voyager bib record ID number. Two good things about the 035 field: it provides staff with a clue that the record has been sent through MARS and it allows staff to copy and paste the ID number. One potential bad thing about the field: it is one more field that staff need to remember to delete when copying a record (for example, when doing variant edition copy cataloging).

The Voyager auth record loader adds an 035 field to all auth records received from MARS and loaded into Orbis. This 035 field contains the LCCN, preceded by "DLC" in parentheses. The field should not affect cataloging workflow.

5. Voyager Production Loads

We have several files of CJK recon records waiting to be loaded. We have not yet extracted any bib records from Voyager for MARS processing.

We are currently receiving two files of authority records from MARS each month. We have already loaded the auth files received in June to production Orbis. The files received in July are waiting to be loaded. We should be receiving our August files very soon.

6. Authority Record Merge Problem

When an authority record in Orbis gets updated in the national authority file, MARS sends us the updated record and we load it into Orbis. The incoming record overlays the existing record and any local information (e.g. local classification number) present in the record is retained and merged with the incoming record. Unfortunately, Voyager does not allow us to define our merge profile in a way that meets our needs. This means that sometimes we will end up with duplicate information in our series authority records. Manon has created a web page to explain and illustrate the problem:

7. Problems With LCDB Auth Records

A problem with auth record searching in LCDB has been identified. Search results vary depending on the index used:

Search by Staff Heading Index and you get these results:
--LCDB Voyager # displays in title bar as "Auth [number]" (with no indication that it is a remote record)
--LCDB Voyager # prints at top of page as "Authority record # [number]" (with no indication that it is a remote record)
--LCDB Voyager # prints in 001 field
--LCDB Voyager # not present in 035 field
--MARC, System, and History tabs display as usual

Search by Auth LCCN and you get these results:
--LCDB Voyager # displays in title bar as "Imported remote Auth [number]"
--LCDB Voyager # does not print at top of page - just says "Authority record [blank]"
--LCDB Voyager # does not print in 001 field
--LCDB Voyager # is present in 035 field
--History tab is missing

Additionally, the LCDB Voyager # displayed on the computer screen sometimes varies slightly from the # that is present when you print the record. Finally, some staff can successfully import an LCDB auth record to Orbis, though the duplicate detection fails, and some staff cannot import an LCDB auth record at all. Manon will keep the group informed if she learns more about this problem from Audrey/Endeavor.

8. New MARS Profile

A new profile is being developed to define how MARS will process our bib records in the Voyager era. The profile will be similar to the NOTIS-era profile except that we will be using full bib record overlay rather than field-level heading corrections. We will send our bib records to MARS (probably weekly) and they will correct the headings and send the records back to us. We will then overlay the original Orbis records with the newly corrected records.

Using full record replacement would allow us to take advantage of the MARS Blackwell Table of Contents service. This service would add table of contents information in 505 fields, when available, to our bib records. Only bib records for English-language materials published after 1992 would be affected.

We will ask MARS to delete fields tagged 653, 654, and 658. We will also ask MARS to change how it processes 6XX second indicator 4 headings. Before we asked them to ignore these fields because we used them for our local subject headings. Now that we use 69X fields for these headings, we should only be getting these fields inadvertantly through recon and copy cataloging. We would like MARS to match the fields to LC headings (and change the indicator to 0 if there is a match or delete the field entirely if there is no match). East Asian Collection catalogers use 6XX second indicator 4 headings for vernacular subject headings in the records they create in RLIN, but the fields are converted to 880 fields when the records are imported or loaded into Voyager, so the headings will not be affected.

The MARS Planning Guide contains blank profiles, together with detailed explanations of how the MARS processing works. The Planning Guide is available on the MARS home page and is linked from the Committee's web page.

9. NACO Series Training

Funding has been approved for Judy Kuhagen, of the Library of Congress, to come to Yale to do another round of NACO Series training. She probably will not be able to come before early 2003.

10. Next Project: Authority Control Workflow for Acquisitions Staff

A subgroup consisting of Manon, Susan, and Eric will work together to draft an acquisitions workflow. It will largely be based on the Authority Control Workflow for C&T Staff, which will then be renamed the "Authority Control Workflow for Copy Cataloging Staff".

11. Upcoming Project: MARS Voyager QA

Once the new MARS profile has been completed and our first batch of Voyager bib records have been received back from MARS, the committee will need to do a Quality Assurance (QA) review of the records. The records will be loaded in TOrbis for our review. Because we cannot have two simultaneous sessions open in the Voyager Cataloging module (as we could in NOTIS), we will do our QA by comparing the TOrbis records (accessed using the cataloging client) to the original Orbis bib records (accessed using the OPAC MARC view).

12. Postponed Project: Interpreting Series Authority Records

We will return to this project after the MARS Voyager QA has been completed.

13. Possible Future Project: Advanced Authority Validation Workshop

The first authority validation workshop addressed the different validation options available in Voyager and presented the Library's recommended method, with demos. A second workshop could present more detailed explanations of the recommended method, automatic authorities validation. For example, it could identify the different validation messages that staff receive and specify which actions should be taken with each message.

14. Possible Future Project: Monthly Authority Control Tips Posted to YULCAT

We currently have no systematic mechanism in place for sending authority control reminders to staff. It might be useful to start sending monthly YULCAT messages to staff. These would not be policy announcements so much as tips on how to do things, reminders, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. Every month a different committee member could be responsible for composing and sending out the message. The messages could be compiled and indexed, either by e-mail subject header or keyword indexing or both.

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