Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-09-18

Present: Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Maria Hunenko, Beatrice Luh, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Dajin Sun, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

1. New Regular Meeting Time and Place

The group agreed to change its meeting time to the second Wednesday of each month from 9:30-11:00am. This new time slot will allow us to meet in SML Room 411 which is larger and cheerier than SML Room 79. Our next meeting will be on Oct. 9th.

2. Authority Control Librarian Appointment

Manon reported that she had accepted the position of Authority Control Librarian. This position was created to consolidate responsibility for various authority control activities across the Library. She will continue to be responsible for the duties she took on as part of her temporary one-year reassignment to the Catalog Management Team (e.g. overseeing the MARS project and chairing the Authority Control Advisory Committee) as well as take on some new duties (e.g. serving as the Library's NACO Coordinator). She will report directly to Joan Swanekamp. Although she will no longer be a member of the Catalog Management Team, she will continue to work closely with the Team.

3. MARS Update

Our new MARS profiles, which are being rewritten for the Voyager era, are almost finished. Manon distributed a table detailing the way that various 6xx fields will be processed and explaining the changes from our previous profiles. Once the profiles are implemented and an extract date has been coordinated with the Systems Office and ITS, we can send all of the bibliographic records that have been held back since last April as a result of the Voyager implementation.

Eight files of authority records received from MARS have been loaded to date. These include Notification Records (updates of authority records that we already have in Orbis) as well as new authority records that match headings in our CJK recon records. For our CJK recon records, the authority records are actually getting loaded before the bibliographic records, which are being queued. We are fully caught up with our authority record loads.

Whenever an updated authority record is loaded into Orbis with a revised 1xx field, the heading automatically enters the Global Heading Change Queue. The queue is already quite large as a result of the authority loads we have done. Manon has started the process of reviewing the headings in the queue. For each heading, she must review the affected bib records and decide whether a global change of that heading should proceed or not. Once she has finished, ITS will run the jobs that accomplish the changes. She is discovering that the potential changes must be reviewed very carefully because the system appears not to take tags and subfield values into consideration when queueing the changes (e.g. a change to the series heading "California fiction" queued up records with the subject heading "California$vFiction"). She suspects that Gary Strawn's heading changer program may be better for our purposes than Voyager's capabilities (see below).

4. Upcoming Visit From Gary Strawn

Arrangements are currently being made to bring Gary Strawn from Northwestern University to the Library on Oct 31 and Nov 1. He will conduct some small group demonstration/training sessions at the SCML. Gary created the CLARR program that we used with NOTIS and he has also written many useful programs for use with Voyager (Northwestern also migrated from NOTIS to Voyager). Members of the Orbis2 Cataloging Implementation Group and representatives from various cataloging and systems units will attend the sessions and help us determine which portions of Gary's tools we will implement here at Yale. It was suggested that we might want to include some Expert Users in the audience as well.

5. New Authorities Statistics Sheet

Manon distributed a revised version of the monthly Authorities Statistics form currently used by catalog librarians in the SML Catalog Department. The form no longer has a column for tallying new series authority records created in Orbis. Catalogers are supposed to be creating these authority records in RLIN as part of the NACO program. Catalogers who have not yet had NACO training should either have other catalogers in their unit create NACO records for them or they should save relevant printouts and create the records as part of their own future NACO training.

Joan will be distributing the revised form at this month's Cataloging Coordinating Committee meeting on September 26th. The form has also been posted to the Authority Control at Yale website: Librarians in the SML Catalog Department submit the form on a monthly basis, together with their other statistics sheets. Randy Main compiles these statistics for the Department. However, Manon has to include authority statistics for the entire Library in her Annual Report. She can get Departmental statistics from Randy at the end of the year but she also needs authority statistics from catalogers outside the Department. Therefore she is recommending that catalogers outside the Department also use the form to record their NACO and SACO statistics. They do not need to submit the forms to her on a monthly basis, they only need to use them for their own ongoing recordkeeping. At the end of the fiscal year, she will contact catalogers outside the Department and ask them to supply the number of authority records they have contributed in the past year in each of the eight categories used in the form.

6. NACO Series Training

Judy Kuhagen will be coming from the Library of Congress to conduct NACO series training on May 12-14. All catalog librarians who have not yet been trained for NACO series contribution should save this date on their calendars.

7. Local Subject Headings in Orbis Bib Records

It has been discovered that some local subject headings coded 69X in Orbis bib records were being stripped when the records were uploaded from NOTIS to the utilities. Manon is working with Marsha and appropriate RLG/OCLC staff to try to rectify this in future uploads from Voyager.

8. Authority Control Workflow for Acquisitions

Manon, Susan, and Eric have begun drafting these guidelines for acquisitions staff and expect to have a final draft for the committee to review by the next meeting. They will then bring the document to the Acquisitions Support Group.

9. Authority Control Tips

The group discussed various authority control "tips" that could be posted to YULCAT in the coming months. Manon will send out the first message (on the topic of "searching for authority records") by the end of the month.

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