Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-12-03

Present: Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Maria Hunenko, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Dajin Sun, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

Absent: Beatrice Luh

1. New Regular Meeting Time and Place

The group agreed to change its regular meeting time (once again) due to conflicts with other committee meetings. The new meeting time will be the first Tuesday of each month from 9:00-10:30am in SML 411. Our next meeting will be on Jan. 7th.

2.  MARS Update

We are currently up-to-date with all MARS authority record loads. We are current with CJK recon bib record loads through June 2002.

The new MARS profiles are finished and a new contract has been sent by OCLC. The pricing remains the same for bib record processing and there is only a slight increase in the cost of the monthly authority notification service.

Our next step is to extract a test file to send to MARS. Manon has already selected 100 bib records with vernacular script fields to be used in this test. The committee will select 100 additional bib records to add to the test file. Manon will send instructions on how to do this later today. We will be using the DevOrbis database, which resides on the Magellan server, for the testing.

If the test results are satisfactory, we can then begin extracting and sending to MARS the approximately 60K "gap" bib records that have been held back since last April as a result of the Voyager implementation. Once we begin this process, catalogers will have to pay strict attention to "do not update this bib record" messages appearing in Export Q. Any changes made to a bib record that is "out" for MARS processing will be overwritten once the record is loaded back into Orbis. Holdings records will not be affected.

3. Cataloger's Toolkit Update

Gary Strawn, of Northwestern University, came to the Library on Oct 31 and Nov 1 to demonstrate the Cataloger's Toolkit program and other programs he has written for use with Voyager. Representatives from various cataloging and systems units attended the sessions, which were held at the SCML. Since then, a half dozen people have been designated as "Toolkit testers" and will soon begin testing the Toolkit in DevOrbis to help us determine which portions of Gary's tools we want to implement here at Yale.

4. Voyager 2001.2 Beta Testing Update

Endeavor recently released a beta version of Voyager 2001.2. This beta version was tested by various staff members last month. The new release is supposed to feature "granular" global change capabilities. This means that if the only change made to an authority record is a change in delimiter value (e.g. changing $x to $v), the change should automatically enter the global heading change queue. Manon tested this, but it did not seem to be working.

5. 2002 Amendments to AACR2

The 2002 Amendments to AACR2 were implemented by the Library of Congress on December 1st. Yale has postponed its implementation until staff can be properly trained in the changes. It is expected that implementaion will happen in mid-January. The changes primarily affect serials cataloging, with implications for the cataloging of monographic series and multipart monographs and the creation of series authority records. Joan has issued a moratorium on contributing SARs through NACO until our training and implementation is complete. The good news is that the new rules will result in fewer instances when a serial or monographic series is considered to have changed its title.

6. Authority Tip for December

The monthly authority control tips have been well received and a few staff members have sent suggestions for future tips. Manon will send a draft of the December tip to the committe for comments. Other committee members are welcome to volunteer to write tips in the coming months.

7. Local Subject Headings in Vernacular Records

As part of our migration to Voyager, all of Yale's CJK records in RLIN with vernacular script fields were loaded into Orbis. Some of these records contained locally tagged subject headings*. For example, a Chinese-language book owned by Beinecke might have had a bib record created in RLIN by the East Asian Collection's catalogers and Beinecke catalogers might have updated the record with local subject headings for provenance tracings. The methods for tagging the local subject headings in the RLIN record would have depended on the standard in use at the time they were created (e.g. 696 field with 2nd indicator 4 vs. 600 field with second indicator 4).

When the records were loaded into Voyager, no field mapping was done so that the local subject headings would be retagged to the current Orbis standards (e.g. a 600 2nd indicator 4 heading was not changed to 692 2nd indicator 4). This means that these local subject headings are not indexed properly in Orbis. Either the indexes must be redefined or the headings retagged. If the headings are retagged globally, then many local headings that have slipped in through the recon project would also be changed. The majority of these we would rather see deleted altogether (they are not OUR local headings but some other library's local headings). Also changed would be many 2nd indicator 4 headings that really should be coded 2nd indicator 0 (e.g. many old British Library LCSH headings are tagged this way in error in the utilities and are not changed during copy cataloging as they should be). The only truly accurate approach would be to get a Voyager report on some of these headings, look at the records one-by-one, and decide on the appropriate action but this would be time-consuming.

Eventually we will be loading the Hebraica and Arabic vernacular-script records, as well. Hopefully, we will be able to do some kind of field mapping for these loads. There are many Hebraica records in RLIN for Beinecke materials and some of these have local subject headings.

*Please note that this discussion does not concern subject headings containing vernacular characters. These headings are coded second indicator 4 in RLIN in accordance with national practice. The headings load into Voyager as 880 fields.

8. Other Projects

The subgroup composed of Manon, Susan, and Eric need to return to their task of drafting authority control guidelines for acquisitions staff. Also, the committee's idea of creating a workshop on Interpreting Series Authority Records remains on the "back burner" for now.

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